Thursday, March 30, 2017

 Alright this week was an interesting one! After pday last week
we waited on people to show up to the church for German class, but
sadly they never showed up. By that time we had to be home so we just
talked to people on the way back to the apartment.

         Friday we had a meeting with our ward mission leader and
talked about how we can better do missionary work. Our ward mission
leader told elder Bahr and i to always be finding. We were like, "yo
homie, we have been talking to everyone possible!" It's whatever
though, it's always good to be reminded to do something we do every
day... I guess. Haha after THAT, we left to go get some lunch and talk
to people. We later had an appointment with the family Nowaks and they
are super cool!! They have 8 kids but only one was with them, the rest
are already moved out, and they made some really good dinner. Sister
Nowak told us that in a couple weeks on pday she is going to take us
and 4 more missionaries to a monkey petting zoo!!! Freaking sick!!!!

         On Saturday we did a finding activity with the district and
it was super sweet! I went with Elder Hays and we talked to a ton of
people about Christ! We talked to some interesting people, but also
some really cool people that were open. After doing that for a couple
hours we had an appointment with one of our Afircan investigators
named Mike. He is seriously one of the coolest, smartest Africans I've
ever met. He has been coming to church for a while, and we are just
now getting to teach him. We talked about the plan of salvation and
how important of a role it plays in our lives! It went really good.
After that we headed home, had some lunch, went to meet with two
investigators and got stood up. We then tried meeting with another
investigator and got stood up again. Really a pain, but it's all good
we talked to some cool people! After that the day was over.

         Sunday was a great day! I hate to skip it because it's the
best day of the week, but I'm tryin to get this thing done!!

         Monday, freaking sick day!! Our district leader called us the
night before on Sunday and cancelled our scheduled split for Thursday
to Friday. We were a little bummed and just said hey why don't we do
it from Monday morning to Tuesday morning. He had another split
scheduled for Tuesday morning to Wednesday morning, which means he
would have to do a back to back split which are very tough and very
long! Haha but thankfully he was down! Elder Bahr went with elder Hays
and elder Allan came to our apartment with me. We both work in the
same area so it's kinda weird but it works out. Anyways, we tried
meeting with a potential but it fell out. We ran into a former
investigator that we planned on going by on this coming Friday! He was
way happy to see us and is happy to have us over! We went by on a
couple of inactive members. One of them didn't answer but one of their
neighbors came to the door so we just talked to him! He was way
interested to talk with us so we will be visiting again in the near
future! After that we just went walking around talking to people, as
we were walking we came up on a couple basketball courts and there
were two teenage kids playing on them, but not together. We walked
over and asked if they were down to play some ball with us! They said
ok, but we made a bet with them. We told them if we beat them then we
get to talk to them for just 5 minutes about Jesus Christ. They were
down so the game began! Haha we played a couple games and smashed
them, we made sure it was still ok to talk to them for a bit and they
said sure. The lesson was short, but very powerful, we testified
strongly about the Plan of Salvation and about the Atonement of Jesus
Christ. One of the boys wasn't really interested, but the other one
was really engulfed into what we were talking about. After that we
headed home and had some good dinner. That split was hands down the
best of my mission! Hahaha

         Tuesday is when the title of my weekly comes in. In all
seriousness somewhere between all the walking and playing basketball
mixed with the warm weather, I chafed super bad. So bad that even just
sitting down the next day was straight painful!! Hahaha! The worst
thing about Tuesday is that elder Bahr and i scheduled to go dooring
on this street. We even prayed about it and everything and felt that
it was the right street for the 2 hours we had set apart for it. I
decided to just suck it up and go for it!! We started on one side of
the street and began knocking and knocking, but sadly no one on the
entire side of that street wanted to talk to us. We got let in a
bunch, but when we got in the front door, (because they are all
apartments and not houses) we had to run up stairs to get to their
actual front door. It was a huge trial of my faith in missionary work.
We we got done with the street I wanted to just call it and get outta
there! But my freakin awesome comp Elder Bahr wouldn't let me. I was
never mad at him, which is surprising because I was in soooo much
pain!! We got through the other side of the street and ended up with 3
really solid potential investigators that all told us to come back the
next week. Looking back I am so glad that Elder Bahr was there to keep
me going and not let me be a sissy! But if those 3 potentials don't
get baptized I'm going to be pretty upset!! I literally gave my groin
for those people!! Hahahaha!!

         I'd like to end with my testimony of prayer!! The night after
we went dooring forever, I prayed and asked Heavenly Father to help me
with the pain. It sounds so silly, but the next day I woke up and I
was perfectly fine!! My mind was blown and I know it's because I said
a prayer about it the night before. It sounds so weird that i prayed
for my groin to heal, but think about it. He is seriously our Father
in Heaven! He gave His Perfect Son so that all of our pains and
afflictions could be taken away! He wants to help us and He loves to
help us! I'm not saying he will answer all of our prayers that
quickly, nor will He give us anything we want. I know that He will
always give us what we need. So if you feel like you need some
physical, mental, spiritual or emotional healing then please pray to
Him! Trust me, saying a meaningful prayer won't hurt ya, so why not
give it a try. Through the Grace of God, all can be made right. Just
remember to show your Loving Heavenly Father how much you know He will
answer your prayer with faith :)

         Hahaha ok well I hope everyone has a freakin sweet week and
trust me be careful with the warm weather!! It'll get ya if you ain't
ready for it!! Hahaha ciao!

Elder Rogers

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