Thursday, March 16, 2017


This week was straight crazy!! It was the last week of the
transfer/first week of the new transfer so elder moon and I were
workin hard to get things finished up before the next transferred
started. Unfortunately we couldn't do anything for two days straight
(Friday and Saturday) because of elder Moons bowels... I don't know
what he ate, and whatever he ate I ate too, but I guess his stomach
really did not like it. Once we got home Thursday night he was on the
toilet until 2 in the morning, then he got a little sleep. Next day,
Friday, he counted and went to the bathroom 25 times!! Hahaha man I
felt so bad for this kid, he was in and out of that bathroom seriously
every 5 minutes! Hahaha yeah, so we were in the apartment the whole
day... well kinda.

As far as missionary work goes! On Friday we had an appointment with
two of my favorite members in the area and i did not want to miss out
on a possibly last appointment with the, because of elder Moons butt!!
So the Herne Elders helped us out and we did a little power split so
we were able to make it to that appointment. After that elder moon and
I were at the apartment the rest of the day, getting in studies and
all that.

On Saturday, it was pretty much a repeat of the day before. Elder moon
was asked to still stay in the apartment. He was givin the ok to have
food that was only light on his stomach so we had some really good
enchiladas. They were delicious as heck, but it set elder moon back to
square one!!! Haha disappointingly he didn't break his streak of 25
the day before, i think it was only like 10 or so, but come Sunday he
was a lot better. Oh and the last thing about Saturday that I forgot!!
It was transfer call day. President hit us up in the morning and
released me as district leader and that was the only BIG news. Then
later that night we got another call about if we were leaving or
staying and all that. They told elder moon he would be getting a new
companion and that I would be white washing an area with another elder
in Köln (Cologne)!!!! Holy crap I was nervous as heck!!! Btw whit
washing just means you go into the apartment but the last missionaries
there leave... so pretty much the elder I'm going to be with (Elder
Bahr) and i have no idea where we are or how to get to places or
anything. Definitely wasn't expecting that phone call, but yeah Köln
is pretty dope so I can't complain.

Sunday, we went to church, I said good by to a bunch of members and packed.

Monday, packed a little bit more, went and got elder Moons visa, set
up stuff for a street display, and yeah that was it.

Tuesday, most stressful day of the week, transfer day!! I had a train
that took me straight to Köln and holy cow, I was nervous as heck.
Köln is the biggest city in our mission, and it's a little nerve
wracking being by yourself with two heavy bags and hoping that other
missionaries will be there to pick you up... which they weren't there
by the way. It was cool though! I just borrowed some homies phone and
called them, and they found me. We went to the apartment and Elder
Bahr and i were told we had an appointment in an hour. We got to the
apartment, dropped our stuff off and then headed out for our
appointment. The Elders that were with us took us to where we were
meeting the investigator and then the peaced out. Hahaha we just
waited for this guy we never met, but eventually met him and had he
decided that we would meet on Saturday with his friend because his
friend can speak English and french (they are from Africa. Brothas).
Which we said was cool. After that we got some Burger King for dinner
because we have no food.

Wednesday we went to the city building and got stuff figured out
there. We then had our studies and went finding/on an adventure in
this huge city that both of us have never been to! Hahaha we got lost
and decided not to look at our maps. We eventually (after 3 hours of
walking) found where we needed to go and by that time we had ward
council soon so we headed to the church. We got there and met with the
leaders of the ward who are way cool! Elder Bahr and i introduced
ourselves and we met all of them... I just said that... anyways after
that we came home.

Today for pday we are going hiking

Well thanks a ton for all the emails!! Hahaha if you don't send me an
email about your week then do it!! It takes like five freakin
minutes!! Hahaha hope y'all have a good one! I'm very grateful to be
in this area with a missionary that wants to work! It's going to be
really fun and I'm happy to always be able to go to the Lord in prayer
for help and for thanks. The power of prayer is real and I know that
it doesn't matter what we have done or how bad we may think we are,
our Heavenly Father wants to hear from us! He loves and misses us!
Have a dope week, I'll hit y'all up next week!!

Elder Rogers
Pictures with members after church

Our bomb enchiladas

Last dinner with Elder Moon

Last Doner with the district



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