Saturday, April 30, 2016

1 week down 103 to go....‏

  well surprisingly this week has been really good! its flew by and its crazy that tomorrow is Sunday, it may not feel like that for you guys haha! anyways, its crazy how disciplined you get when your out here! sorry mom and dad for not being like this when i was home haha but its weird! all i want to do now is read my scriptures and pray and learn German! its the weirdest thing ever! not to sound like im bragging but its like im always thinking about it 24/7. well except when im around Mugsy then we never get anything done.. and ive seen him every day since ive been here haha!! 
      on a spiritual note, at the beginning of the week the two sisters in my district were struggling with the language and were real stressed out. so as the Elders in our district of 6 we came together and got a card for each of the sisters and just wrote in them to stick it out and they will catch on to it, it was major brownie points just sayin! plus it always feels so good to turn someones frown upside down. its so weird being out here and i know my time at the MTC is for a good reason, im so thankful for the oppurtunity i have to read and pray daily and even tho its a challenge i love learning German!

If you're wondering why i took a picture of my leg on a desk,
 that's how i sit when i'm studying hahaha

Saturday, April 23, 2016

His first P day

i cant believe how much i miss you!! definitely don't miss that dang garden. but i hate it here. the days are so long and the nights are so fast. i've never felt so stressed in my life, i see how dad lost his hair now. i hardly eat anything cuz everything i've eaten here just comes out in an hour! i wanna be in Germany yesterday. yes i don't know enough of the language yet but id rather learn it over there. but none the less, i have never prayed so intently in my life morning and night and i know that it has been helping. the gift of tongues has already been working and i am so grateful for it! oh some depressing news... have you ever woke up in the morning from the worst dream possible and realized that it was just a dream? well tha'ts how my first morning was just i didn't actually wake up from that terrible dream.. anyways on a good note i've seen Mugsy so much and it has been a huge blessing to have him here! he was my host but only because he switched with my real host when he saw me! i miss you guys so much and i hope to hear from you in the next seconds!!!
the second night i was here we were meeting with the president and asked me to be the district leader... its not a huge calling but its just enough to stress the crap out of me! my companion is from Canada and his name is Elder Zaugg, hes a really great dude! i call him Zauggy cuz it sounds like saugy hahah! 
Tanner and his best friend, Mugsy (AKA Carson Billings).
He leaves for the Philippines the first week of May.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Im alive!!!!!!!‏

Mom Dad!!! im just sending a quick email because its not my Pday but tomorrow is so dont worry! just wanted to let you guys know i love you tons and i will be emailing you around noon or a little before! tell the fam i love them!

              mother freakin Elder Rogers

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Ironically this was in the comics on the day he went to the MTC.
We finished up packing...
And headed to the MTC.

We took pictures across the street and then reluctantly headed over.
Last full family pic for 2 years (minus Nate who was deployed).
Final goodbye hugs are the hardest!

And then he was off...

Last glimpse of him as we drove out of the parking lot.
Talk about bitter-sweet!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

It's official...He's an Elder

Tanner was given wonderful advice by President Parke and President Steadman.  Then,he was set apart by President Lex Puffer.  He gave Tanner a wonderful blessing.
Grandpa Rogers, President Parke, President Puffer, President Steadman, Dad, Elder Rogers, Braxton, Bishop Steve Smith and Bishop Bryan Hatch.

 Afterwards, he had some friends come over to wish him well.