Saturday, April 23, 2016

His first P day

i cant believe how much i miss you!! definitely don't miss that dang garden. but i hate it here. the days are so long and the nights are so fast. i've never felt so stressed in my life, i see how dad lost his hair now. i hardly eat anything cuz everything i've eaten here just comes out in an hour! i wanna be in Germany yesterday. yes i don't know enough of the language yet but id rather learn it over there. but none the less, i have never prayed so intently in my life morning and night and i know that it has been helping. the gift of tongues has already been working and i am so grateful for it! oh some depressing news... have you ever woke up in the morning from the worst dream possible and realized that it was just a dream? well tha'ts how my first morning was just i didn't actually wake up from that terrible dream.. anyways on a good note i've seen Mugsy so much and it has been a huge blessing to have him here! he was my host but only because he switched with my real host when he saw me! i miss you guys so much and i hope to hear from you in the next seconds!!!
the second night i was here we were meeting with the president and asked me to be the district leader... its not a huge calling but its just enough to stress the crap out of me! my companion is from Canada and his name is Elder Zaugg, hes a really great dude! i call him Zauggy cuz it sounds like saugy hahah! 
Tanner and his best friend, Mugsy (AKA Carson Billings).
He leaves for the Philippines the first week of May.

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