Saturday, April 30, 2016

1 week down 103 to go....‏

  well surprisingly this week has been really good! its flew by and its crazy that tomorrow is Sunday, it may not feel like that for you guys haha! anyways, its crazy how disciplined you get when your out here! sorry mom and dad for not being like this when i was home haha but its weird! all i want to do now is read my scriptures and pray and learn German! its the weirdest thing ever! not to sound like im bragging but its like im always thinking about it 24/7. well except when im around Mugsy then we never get anything done.. and ive seen him every day since ive been here haha!! 
      on a spiritual note, at the beginning of the week the two sisters in my district were struggling with the language and were real stressed out. so as the Elders in our district of 6 we came together and got a card for each of the sisters and just wrote in them to stick it out and they will catch on to it, it was major brownie points just sayin! plus it always feels so good to turn someones frown upside down. its so weird being out here and i know my time at the MTC is for a good reason, im so thankful for the oppurtunity i have to read and pray daily and even tho its a challenge i love learning German!

If you're wondering why i took a picture of my leg on a desk,
 that's how i sit when i'm studying hahaha

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