Saturday, May 7, 2016

Nothing really crazy happens at the mtc!

hey everyone!!

well to be honest nothing really crazy happens at the mtc! its really just the same thing every day: wake up, go to class, eat, go to class, eat, work out, go to class, eat, go to class, go to bed... pretty lame hahaha it honestly sounds like the schedule at a prison! haha! but its definitely not a prison. we have all been working way hard and bustin our butts to get this language down and every time i start to feel comfortable with it something gets harder. i know that this is the way its supposed to be. not just to constantly ruin our self esteem, but to make us grow and learn a lot faster. 

so as the district leader im pretty much just in charge of makin sure my district is happy and that no one is struggling. its honestly the easiest thing ive ever had to do in my life. and the elders in my district call me Betsierk Mister, which means district master... hahaha just so you know i did not come up with that name at all! so anyways we are in class one day and one of the sisters wanted all of us to tell us about our first impressions of each other. so we are going around and we would all just start with one person and then everyone would say what they thought. well it gets to me and they all said something like the first few days i was here they all said something like i looked really mad and they never saw me smile even when i was laughing. i felt exactly like that. but then they all said that im the total opposite of that now. and when i first got there i thought that they had no worries , they all knew the language so well, and i never saw them without a smile on. well the week goes on and ive been noticing that they have all had struggles big or small.

i know that we all have struggles so we should never think that no one else struggles like us and that we must not be normal. struggles are a good thing, whether you find that out in the classroom, work, or even the freakin mtc like me. struggles make us stronger and without them we would never learn to push ourselves! 

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