Saturday, May 21, 2016

23 months to go!!‏

well i be honest its crazy that its been a week yesterday! time flies when you dont look at a clock and stress yourself out all day!! but its alright cuz its all worth it... i freaking hope!!!

well this week we didnt get dropped by an investigator and our lessons have been going a lot better so thats good. oh we got our travel plans for Germany. i dont think ive ever been so nervous... so we wake up at 6:00 in the morning, get to the travel office by 6:30 to get everything figured out. drive to the SLC airport to catch the 11 oclock plane. fly to Atlanta stay there for 30 minutes then fly straight to Germany.... so the total flight time from here to Atlanta to Germany is 19 hours...MEINE GUTE!!! and ive never even been on a plane!! and once we get off the plane we go straight to procelighting or however you say that. haha! but i dont think its going to be too bad. we have been looking up pictures of the Frankfurt area and it is sooo sick! but little to no mountains! im crazy nervous but i know its all going to be good! 

well thats pretty much it.

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