Saturday, May 14, 2016

100 weeks to go!!!

 well i dont think ive ever realized just how big the number 100 is!! hahaha but honestly it is totally fine! this week has been really fast but ive never learned so much about the church, the language, and especially teaching our investigators! 

      just to get the bad news out of the way. Elder Zaugg and I taught one of our investigators on tuesday, his name is Steven and he was really interested in the church but we were struggling to find his needs and teach to them instead of running through a lesson. It was our third lesson with him so far and he dropped us like a rock. he told us that we were great guys but that our message wasnt for him. we immediately dropped our heads and said good bye. lucky our teacher was pretending to be our investigator so he called us back in the room ot evaluate what just happened. so we get back in there and the first thing he says is well guys, that "lesson" really sucked, simple as that. at that moment i was thinking about how easy it would be to just be home workin my butt off and getting paid with money and my family would be there and everything would just be sooo simple. well we got a lot out of the conversation and it was actually a huuge learning lesson. so the week goes on and we got a new investigator. however, we taught our other investigator Doris that following thursday. we were teaching her about the Apostasy, Restoration, and book of mormon. we got telling her about how Joseph Smith was 14 when we went into the grove to pray for an answer and he saw the Father and the Son, and they spoke to him. she had this look on her face that there was no way a 14 year old with a terrible education could do that. at that exact moment i felt the biggest impression of my life to tell her my testimony in Joseph Smith and that it doesnt matter how old, young, or what we have done in life. God will always be there and will always answer us if we are listening. the Spirit was indescribably strong in there, and we all felt it so strong.

       lookin back to teusday and the thoughts i had about just coming home and taking the easy way out, i now know my purpose and there is no other feeling like the one you get from letting the spirit speak through you. im very lucky to be out here and i am so excited to serve the Lords mission and be a representative for Him.

       so thats my freaking week!! haha
        -Elder Rogers
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