Thursday, February 8, 2018

Schiebetür, Schiebetür

    This week was super great! We had transfer calls on Saturday
night and Elder Adams and I will be staying in Ramstein!! I’m super
glad, I’ve been here for quite a while and I don’t have a while left
at all so I’m happy to be here for longer. Anyways, sadly elder Clarke
got transferred. We all miss him tons and I wish he was staying, but
it is what it is and the Lord needs him somewhere more than i want him
here. But we will see each other again so no biggy!!

     Sooo last week on Friday and Saturday, and this last Monady is
and the other elders helped a lady and her family build some new
furniture in their new apartment. One of the things we helped her
build was a huge sliding door closet cabinet thingy. It was terrible
and took us sooo long to figure out the instructions. Anyways, it took
us about 12 hours total but we eventually got it done!!

     Other than that, last week our appointments with our
investigators fell out, but this week we were able to meet with one
named Douglas and one named Anthony. They have been really awesome and
we were able to have great discussions about the church with them.
Anyways, Tim is also progressing really well and we are hopefully
meeting with him on Friday! He is super close to getting an answer to
be baptized, so it’s just a matter of sticking with him.

     Oh one thing I forgot is that elder Adams and I will be getting
another missionary with us on Saturday! He is pretty new on the
mission, but his companion is pretty ill right now so we will be
having him for the transfer. We are excited but also hoping all is
well for the other missionary.

     Well I hope everyone has a great week! I’m grateful for all that
the Lord, Jesus Christ teaches us and for everything that we are able
to accomplish through Him! I love this church and the safety that it
brings into our life’s! I know it’s true and I can’t deny.

     Elder Rogers

Thursday, February 1, 2018


Hey everyone so this week was great! We had our district meeting on
Tuesday and it was the last one for the transfer! Elder Clarke was
pretty sure he was leaving haha! I also assigned him to teach about
the law of chastity and he thought I was joking so he didn’t prepare!
He asked me to just cut it out! He’s a dork but he is probably one of
the funniest guys I know! We are like best friends forever now. Also
he doesn’t have anybody waiting for him at home so if you want his
email HMU!

We had a way Good Friday this week! I was on a split with Elder
Clarke’s companion (German...) we met with one of our investigators
Douglas and he wouldn’t pray because he didn’t want to like show God
that he was doubting. But then we just talked for a while and he
agreed that he needed to pray about the Book of Mormon! Then we met
with Tim and it was way good and we asked if he wanted to be  baptized
and he said yes! He hasn’t gotten an answer yet but he is still
praying and willing so now it’s just a matter of time! Then we went on
base to chili’s with a less active member and he is like the coolest
guy in the world! So it was one of the funnest splits I’ve had!

So we got a a text from Douglas and he just said guys I got an answer
but in a weird way but I think I understand it haha! So then he came
to church on Sunday and told the whole Sunday school class that he
missed a call from this over Facebook from this random guy and so he
wrote him and asked him and the guy said it was just an accident! So
he looked at this guys profile and it said he was from Heaven and
working for God! So then he said that there was no way it was a
coincidence to accidentally call someone through Facebook! So that was
his answer haha!

Im gonna wrap this puppy up with my testimony about prayer and
receiving an answer to prayer.  I know that God hears and answers our
prayers and He does it in a way that we will know it! So don’t get
down if you don’t get answered right away cause He will answer you!
Love you guys!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Weird smells and crazy grandmas

  This week was super great, but also super weird! Pretty much
Monday was just weird as heck, but we got through and got to meet with
our investigators! On Monday, we covered for the other elders because
they didn’t have enough time to get to it. Anyways, I won’t go into
too much detail about the appointment, just know that it was one of
the weirdest experiences I’ve had on my mission and that it stunk like
strong cat pee and 100 year old cigarette smoke! It was terrible and
the guys were just crazy, but we did our best to chat with them and
finally left after 2 hours. One of them is an inactive member and his
friend is a catholic.

    Also on Monday, as we were dooring one day, we came up on this
street where some grandma just stood outside her apartment and starred
at us. She wasn’t very friendly and when we said hi she just growled.
Anyways, after we said hi she went inside her house and continued
starring at us through the window. We tried waving but she wasn’t
happy about that either. But we finished that street and it was all
good after that!

    We got to meet with one of our investigators last week and he is
doing great! He made it to church this last Sunday and was taking
notes during the talks that were given. We will be meeting with him
and two other of our investigators tomorrow! I’m super happy that he
is finally getting back to us. It’s been like 2 months of just trying
to get back in contact with him. Hard work pays off though!

    Well, I don’t got too much for you guys, this week was just good!
Im grateful to be out here and be able to share the Restored Gospel of
Jesus Christ with everyone that i can! I hope everyone has a great

-Elder Rogers

Thursday, January 18, 2018

The 17th prophet of the church

  This week was great!! We actually got a lot done and saw some
sweet success! We also did a ton of dooring, we just about doored a
whole city in two days. We got a lot of no’s and a couple of ya I
guess you can come back, so it wasn’t too bad! Besides dooring we met
with a couple of our investigators! They are doing great, one of them
is still working with his wife to help her realize that we aren’t
going to steal anything from her or anything, just want to help them
come closer to Christ!

     Our other investigator is doing great, he is making a little bit
more progress than the other and his wife hasn’t met us or even knows
about us so we are good with her for now. Hahaha! We sadly didn’t see
him at church on Sunday, but hopefully he will be able to make it this
coming Sunday!

     Also this week, we met with Lester, our recent convert. He is
doing ok, but could be better. He is just working through a lot right
now and we are just helping him increase his faith in Christ. We are
planning on giving him some space for a while so he can search the
scriptures and come to God in prayer to see what he really wants to
pursue in life.

     We also got to meet with a guy that we doored into from a couple
weeks back! He is here with the army and it’s just him and his wife.
They are barely older than us and super chill. When we met with him we
didn’t have a ton of time, but we had a great short lesson with him.
We talked about God and He answers all of our prayers, and that we can
ask Him anything we want and He will give us an answer. He told us we
can definitely come back so next time we plan on talking about the
Restoration with him.

     Well that’s about all that happened this week, there was probably
more I just have no idea right now. I’ll try to send some pics from
the week, but I’m not even sure if I took any. Before I wrap up I just
wanted to share how grateful I am for prophets that are called of God.
I know that Jesus Christ leads this one and only true church and I
know that President Russel M. Nelson is meant to be called as the 17th
prophet of the church at this time. I’m excited to hear from him and
to increase my knowledge in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


-Elder Rogers

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Wir wollen Männer sein

    This week was great!! We were able to meet with two of our
investigators and they are both so ready it’s crazy!! One of them is
married to a German lady and she is totally agains us visiting with
him. We gave him a card and a Book of Mormon the first time we met
with him and she threw them away by the time we came back!! She’s
crazy! She just thinks that we are Jehovas Witnesses and we want to
still stuff in their house... i don’t know what the JW‘s are trying to
pull, but we aren’t that desperate! Anyways, he said that it will be
hard to keep meeting with us if his wife keeps getting in the way. But
he said he will have a come to Jesus  talk with her, so we will see
how that goes!

    Besides that stuff, we met with our other investigator with a
member and it was siiiiick! The member that came was acting on so many
spiritual promptings it was nuts! At first we thought that we
should’ve brought a different member with us because they have a
pretty big age difference, and just do totally different things. But
that doesn’t matter! As long as the member that you brought is up to
date on what the lesson is going to be, all they need to do is have
their scriptures and listen intently for the Spirit too tell them when
and what to say. Of course you need to study so the Spirit has
something to go off of, but most important just listen!

    Well as far as anything crazy this week, there wasn’t a whole lot!
It was just a good week! We have been making a big push on speaking
more German, especially because elder Adams and I are in an American
area. It’s been going great too! It sucks to speak German all day and
then all of a sudden have to speak English at member appointments, but
I love being here and it was been a ton of fun!

    Well that’s all I got for the week! I know that Christ lives and
that He is the Son of God! And that God is a very loving, giving,
kind, and powerful God! He is always there to hear our prayers and to
answer them, so long as we listen for His answers. I hope everyone has
a great week and always remembers Jesus Christ and what He has done
for you personally! Ciao!!

Elder Rogers

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Viele Wunder in Landstuhl!

 Hey this week was great!!! We taught a couple new investigators.
Two of them are retired military and the other one is just a Buddhist
guy that likes to chat with us! We visited them all on the same day
except one of them we talked with earlier! The retired military guys
are so open and ready for the gospel it’s crazy! We taught them both
the restoration and history of the Book of Mormon, and one of them we
taught the plan of salvation! They said that everything just makes so
much sense to them, it was great! The Spirit was totally there and
guided us so well!!

    This week was super quick, but it was just great to work with
people that have been prepared for who knows how long. I’m very
grateful for be here and I am so grateful for the knowledge that the
Lord has blessed me with! We have a very loving and giving God!! I
testify that he will help us achieve our goals, of course if they go
along with His teachings.

     Also, President Monson recently passed away. It was a huge bummer
to hear, and I know that i along with many other will miss him tons!
He always had awesome stories to tell and I’m so grateful that we are
able to read back on what he has spoke and taught us! I invite
everyone to study all of his teachings! Everyone have a great week!!

Elder Rogers

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Die zwei Weihnachten Räuber

 Hey everyone! This week was super great, but it was crazy! Just to
start off and explain my weekly title, Elder Adams and I were going to
the church at 6:30 in the morning to meet up with the other
missionaries in the district to play some basketball. Well when we had
gotten to the church we were the only ones there at the time. We went
inside and from the front doors we noticed that there were two guys
with a flashlight who looked like they were working on something. The
lights were off, they were speaking German, and it was 6:30 in the
morning. It made no sense for anyone to be working at the church,
especially where they were crouched down at. They were doing something
to a door and from we were they were about 50 feet away. We decided to
just flip the lights on and see what happened. And as we flipped the
lights on we saw 2 robbers stand up and stare at us. Elder Adams and I
started running at them and as soon as we did the went out a door that
was just a couple feet to their left. Luckily, as all that happened
the other elders had pulled up in their car and had just gotten out of
their car when they saw the two robbers bust out the door on the side
of the building. After that they ran after them, but lost them. They
eventually found two guys that looked like the robbers so we will see
if that was them or not.

    Anyways, as you can see we are staying on our toes for now on! We
are super lucky that we didn’t get hurt or anything, but would’ve
loved to have actually caught them redhanded. I’ll definitely let you
guys know if we hear anything about that!

    Also in the week, was Christmas!!!! I can’t believe it was over,
it didn’t really feel like Christmas to be honest, but it’s sad that
it’s over. It’s also sad that Light the World is over as well! It was
great to see all the blessings from that and to be able to do
something simple for our fellowmen. I hope that everyone can keep the
spirit of Christmas and Light the World in their hearts as we continue
on to the year 2018.

    Today for pday we went to the border of Germany and France (which
is only an hour away) and we hiked up to a super sweet view at these
castle ruins. It wasn’t a crazy long hike but it was still a hike
nonetheless!! I’ll throw in some sick pics and let them speak for
themselves. Besides that, we are still working with our recent
converts to help them stay in the spirit of being converted so they
experience more blessings. The holidays are sadly making everybody to
busy to either meet with us or just stop and talk with us. We are
continuing to work hard and to get stuff done!

    I hope everyone has a super awesome week! I’m very grateful for
the Savior, Jesus Christ and that He was sent by a VERY loving Father
in Heaven. Because He came, i know we can become clean again, by
relying on His Atonement. I know that Jesus Christ also knows the
exact pains that we are going through, which means the He is able to
comfort us and help us know that everything will be alright! I love
Christmas time and the awesome excuse that it gives us to give to
others!! Keep the spirit going!

    -Elder Rogers