Thursday, September 21, 2017

Great week!!

This week was awesome, but so stressful!! We are just making sure our investigator is ready for his baptism this Saturday! It’s funny that as members we work so hard to help people progress towards baptism, but when it comes time for them to be baptized it’s so stressful! We know that his baptism will be perfect and he will be comforted by the Holy Ghost for sure! Please pray for him so that it all works out! His name is Lester, or the tattooed investigator. Haha!

Anyways, another highlight from the week was meeting with our Mission president and having interviews! He’s such a great guy and I’m very grateful to be able to get to know him and work along side of him.

Besides that, we had quite a few member appointments! I love the members here! They do so much for the missionaries and are always offering us something from off base! I’m very grateful for all that they do and for them letting us into their homes to help invite the Spirit.

Well I know it’s short, but I can’t think fast enough for anything else to say! One of these weeks I’ll think of more than 5 sentences to write down! One last thing I do have for y’all is my testimony! I know this church is true and that Christ leads it! I know that we can be healed through Christ and because of baptism we are able to start life on His path. Because we are on His path after we are baptized we are given His help to help us through this life! I hope everyone will be able to reach out to His outstretched Hand and simply follow Him. Have a great week!!

Elder Rogers

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Your Sons (Random email)

Saw your Elders tonight at a single adult function while wife and I are visiting friends in Deutschland. They are both happy, healthy & thriving. Thank you for sharing your Sons with the people of Germany.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Super schnell weekly!!

Hey! Well if you could tell by my Weekly title, I got no time and I'm
makin this quick!!! Ok so first off, we were able to set a baptismal
date with on of our investigators!! (The one with the Book of Mormon
scripture on his arm). He is doing really good and is so ready to
follow Christs example and be baptized! We are very happy for him!
That will be next Saturday so pray for that homie!!

Another in investigator said he wanted to be baptized but he wants to
see a baptism take place before he sets a date. He is also very ready
to follow Christ, so I know that if we get him to our other
investigators baptism next week he will feel the Spirit and know what
he needs to do! We are very excited to see the progress of both of
these guys!

Besides that, we have been working with a couple of less active
members that are amazing people! Life is hard, and it's not easy to
stay grounded in the Gospel of Christ. I hope we will be able to help
them as best we can to get them back onto the path towards Christ!

Other than that stuff, and I probably missed a lot, we...

Well I accidentally hit send on my weekly, but I had nothin else for
ya so have a good week! Hahaha

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Libelle und Nerf Guns

 Hey this week was great!!

We met with a couple of our investigators again and they are
progressing very well!! We are very excited to set some baptismal
dates here in the next few days, so please pray that those will work
out! I'm very grateful for a God that is so rewarding! I know that He
is aware of our needs and sometimes even our wants. He wants to help
us be happy, so let Him help! He's not there to hurt anyone!!

Ok so we had a crazy week, but since I finally have some time to write
a solid weekly, I'll run you through the highlights. Last weekend we
had a split and I was lucky enough to have Elder Clarke come to my
area for a day! It was awesome to learn from him and get to know him
better! He's a great guy and huge example to me! The funny thing is we
lived 15 minutes away from each other back at home! He knows all my
cousins and my little bro a bit, but we never met! It was awesome to
chat about the good old days in northern Utah and stuff.

Anyways, after that split not much happened until about Tuesday and we
met some cool people on the street! Germans are funny people,
especially the old ones! I love talking to the old Germans, but I
don't think they like me as much haha! The best way that I can explain
it is if you have ever had that crush on that girl of your dreams, but
didn't like you back (or if your a girl then the other way around).
Hahaha it's a lot like that!!

On Wednesday we were super busy!! It's so weird, for some reason our
slow days are Monday and Tuesday and then from Wednesday to Sunday it
gets so busy!! Anyways, we met with a less active that was really
awesome and wants us to help her build her faith! We then met with an
investigator that just got back from the states and she is really busy
with a bunch of stuff, so we just said hi, but it was great to see her
again! Following that we went to one of the coolest member families in
the world, the Parrys! They are such a fun family, I'm soooo lucky to
have met them!! We had some amazing fajitas and ice cream and were
able to share a little thought with them! After that we went to
institute and chilled with the young single adults!

Well that's about it! We are very excited to set some baptismal dates
soon! Our investigators are sooo ready, im very grateful to be in this
place of Germany at this time to be able to meet these awesome people!
I know that the Lord puts us where we need to be and helps us talk to
who we need to! Which is amazing! Because of that we meet lifelong
friends, help others find Christ, and simply do His will. But there is
a little work that we have to do to be able to be a part of this
amazing life changing work, we need to simply pray for the missionary
opportunity, study the scriptures, and do what our Heavenly Father
wants us to do. I am so grateful for the peace I'm able to find in my
hard times and I hope everyone else can find that too!! Have a great

Elder Rogers

Me and Elder Clarke

Thursday, August 31, 2017


This week was super great!  We were able to meet with some new investigators and a couple of other investigators!!  We met with a young couple that were super chill and are so ready!!  We also met with a young single adult that had a lot of questions for our church as far as what we believe!

 Well I'm so sorry, I wish I could've wrote more!! A lot happened this week, but I just have no time to write it all!!  The members here are so helpful I love it!!  I hope every member, or just simply good person, know that they do a lot!  Sometimes it may feel like we are not doing much and that when we help people it's not a big deal, but I know that we have a huge impact on everyone's lives that we help!!  So keep being the good person you are and just follow the Spirit that's within all of us!  Have a good week!

Elder Rogers

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Shoppin for Jesus!

 This week was great!! We had our transfers and Elder Forsey and i will be staying here for another!! We are super pumped to keep working hard and do what we know best!! We also were givin a car! Its nothing amazing, but it is a car so we are super grateful. Our area is super massive, especially that the sister missionaries are not here to help us out anymore. But we are having a great time and meeting a lot of new people in all three wards!

  So last week we were on splits with our zone leaders and it was a great time! we talked to a tooon of people and had some great conversations. One lady we talked to was from the States and was a homie!! She gladly took a book of Mormon. She had just got done shopping so when I put the Book of Mormon in one of her bags she said, "shopping for Jesus!" Sadly she was on vacation here so we told her to look up the missionaries when she got back to the States. She then randomly took a pic of us and put it on Instagram! i have no idea what her name was so I have no idea where the picture would be. Anyways we ended up teaching a couple great people after that and had a great time.

  Well as far as investigators, all of ours are so busy its ridiculous. We are currently working super hard with less active members and its been really cool to see people want to return to Christ! I dont have much time left, but I just wanted to testify of the truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!! I know that we can never get too far away from Christ because His power is eternal and always there for us. Im so happy for the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation and that we are able to live for eternity with our families and our Father in Heaven. Christ lives, and loves us so much that he came to the earth to suffer and die for each one of us. He was resurrected so that we may conquer death!! The Church is true, and I know that the Atonement of Jesus Christ is for everyone one of Gods children!!

hope everyone has a great week!!

-Elder Rogers

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

A wonderful missionary and a delight

Hey. This is Wynette Bodily, Carl Jensen's daughter. Your son is in my ward in Germany and I decided to take a picture of him and record his talk on Sunday. I hope these both go through so that you can see them. Brother Rogers is a wonderful missionary and a delight to have in our ward boundaries.

Love, Wynette