Thursday, August 10, 2017

Schnelle Woche gehabt!!

Hey this was a fast week and so is pday!! Like always I'm rushed on
time so I'll keep it short! We are working with our tattooed
investigator to get him to progress closer to baptism! Sadly he had a
schedule change and won't be able to meet with us for the next 6
weeks!! He said he might have time on the weekends, but it's still
even a gamble. So we are bummed about that! We see our other
investigators when we are walking around, but they never answer their
phone or door when we try them. It's just a little frustrating to get
people to reply answer and so you can meet but they never answer!

We have been getting a lot of good work done here, the wards are
awesome and very helpful! They always make sure we have enough stuff,
especially when it comes to food. So I'm happy about that! Haha!
Anyways, we met as a Zone on Monday, but no one took a pic so I can't
chuck it in the weekly. But it was awesome!! We learned a lot about
finding and how we can improve it by doing a bunch of little things!
President Boyer talked to us about talking to the young single adult
aged people instead of others. Of course we must follow impressions
from the Spirit, but he told us that the YSA's are very great to talk
to because they are in an important spot of their life! And I agree!!

I know that the Lord wants us to reach out to as many people as we can
and help them to become closer to Christ. I know that we are all in
this together and because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ we are able
to share His amazing message with all of Gods children! The world may
be forever changing, but our Lord and God will always be the same they
have been, before this life, during this life, and following it.
Heavenly Father is very wise and completely aware of what we are
dealing with every day. He wants to help us and wants to forgive us,
but it's our own thoughts and desires that keep us from offering that
simple prayer to Him.

I hope everyone has a super sick week and the you can all feel the
love of your Redeemer, Jesus Christ! Ciao!!

Elder Rogers

Thursday, August 3, 2017


This week was super awesome!! We were able to meet with our
investigator who has the scripture tattooed onto his arm. He is
awesome! He's been really busy with work lately, but he found some
time to chat with us. A couple days before we met he said he wanted to
talk with us about baptism. We weren't sure if that was a good thing
or bad thing so we just hopped for the best! We ended up answering his
questions best we could and eventually he told us that he is ready!!!
We were and are so happy for him!! I totally agree with him too, he is
so ready and I'm excited to see him progress! He gets a new work
schedule today and said he would let us know what day he wants his
baptism to be on. We are really excited and can't wait to help him
along the way to follow Christ.

Besides that! We had a great day at church and learned a lot from the
members!! I'm very grateful to be here and to be able to help the
people that the Lord needs me too. I know that we are all on the Earth
to grow and learn from each other!

Sorry for the short email, but I'm gettin stuff done today!! Have a good one!

Elder Rogers

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Eternal happiness

This week was a good one! We weren't able to meet with the people from
the casino because they all happened to be on vacation. And let me
just clear up, we have not gone into any casinos to talk to people,
they were outside when we talked to them. Haha although it might be
pretty effective to walk into a casino and whip out the word of
wisdom. Haha but then again probably not.

Anyways, we ran into one of our investigators! He was getting in the
train we were getting off of, but he hasn't been answering our calls
or texts lately, so it was good to be standing on the other side of
the train doors waiting for him. Haha just kidding, he has been really
busy lately, and said he wants to meet again! We set something up for
this evening so hopefully it works out!!

Other than him, we have been working with the members a lot lately.
Since us and the sisters are over 3 wards now, we have to divide and
conquer on sundays to catch every meeting. It's pretty long, but I
like being even busier and meeting new members! One of the bishops
brought a coworker to church with him, so we were real happy about
that! He's a great guy and lives really close to us, so meeting up
will be really convenient. Plus he is really ready for the gospel.

Well that's about all I can remember from this last week! Before I
send this baby off, I just hope everyone realizes how much love our
Heavenly Father has for us! He sent us here so that we can learn and
grow, along with our family and friends. He knew that we would endure
trials, and because of that He is always just a prayer away. I'm
eternally grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ, to me there is
no greater blessing then His redeeming love. Because of that love, our
families are to be eternal. I know that there is so much more in the
life after this, this is just the preparation. I am very grateful for
the wisdom of eternal families, it all just makes perfect sense! The
gospel of Jesus Christ is true!!! It's simple, powerful, and eternal!!
I hope everyone has a really great week and is able to feel the Love
of God through personal prayer!! Tschüss!!!

Elder Rogers
We went to the best city in the mission today, which is Mannheim of course!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Same team

Well this week was great!! It was really fast and again I'm low on
time.. just like every freakin weekly I send out! I'm just terrible at
procrastinating and I don't wanna lose my streak!!!

As far as the week goes, I finally got my new bike so it's been a lot
easier to get around now!! Elder Forsey and i have been working hard
to keep in touch with our potentials and investigators! We did meet
this one guy on Saturday who is super cool!! He will only be here for
another 3 weeks which is a bummer because he is heading back to the
states, but we are working extra hard to get him and the others to
church! We had a huge talk with him about the church. We were able to
share the Restoration, Plan of Salvation, and a little of the
Atonement of Jesus Christ. It was super awesome to be able to answer
all of his questions to the best of our knowledge and the Holy Ghost
was right there to help us out!!!

We also met a couple people outside of a casino who were amazing!! One
was a German, another was Romanian, and the last was from Iran. They
all spoke German, and aren't with the military, so we gotta hand them
over to the German missionaries. Which isn't a big deal, but the lady
from Romania was super ready for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I so
wish I could get to know her more!! It's all good though, because we
are on the same team! And that's the Lords team!

I hope that everyone this week can get onto the Lords team! There
aren't tryouts or qualifications or even an entry fee!! We are all
entitled to be a part of his team, because we are His children and He
sent us here to become more like Him. He loves us. He wants us to be
happy. He even gave us His perfect Son so that returning to Him was a
possibility! Just think about how much love that is!! And it's all for
us individually!! I hope everyone has a great week!!

Elder Rogers
Elder Forsey and
i ridin bikes!! (He is behind me a bit).
Just some pics of pday with the Karlsruhe Elders and Elder Forsey

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Dropped... but wait!!

Well this week was great but super crazy!! We had the transfer call on
Saturday night already. I can't believe how fast time has been going!!
I get to say, but sadly Elder Robinson took off! There used to be four
Elders here in the area, but now that elder Robinson is gone and one
of the other Elders is going home this week me and the other elder
staying will be in the area still. But we are over all three American
wards... which is a lot! Sundays are going to be crazy and so are the
weeks! We are a little nervous to see how it's all going to work out,
but we are excited to get to know and work with so many people!! The
wards here are awesome and very helpful, so it shouldn't be a big

Also this week, we were dropped by one of our investigators. Not the
one with the tattoo of Mosiah 24:14 on his arm, but another one that
was actually progressing very well! He struggled a lot with faith and
finding that desire to keep looking for his answers through prayer and
scripture study, but we are still going to stay in contact with him
for now. As for the tattooed investigator, he just got back from
vacation and work and then he got a little sick so we weren't able to
see him for a couple weeks. Well we saw him yesterday and got to talk
to him a little bit! He's doing really well and wants to keep meeting
with us. He is really stressed and trying his hardest to keep studying
in the scriptures and pray.

Well besides all that, my new companion and I are workin hard to get
our potentials into investigators! My companion is Elder Forsey and he
is from Logan Utah. Surprisingly he is only my second companion that's
from Utah! I was on a streak for a while, but it's nice to be able to
talk about the best place on earth with him! ;) well that's about all
the exciting news for the week! I hope everyone knows how awesome and
forgiving our Heavenly Father is. He is always willing to work with us
and always willing to listen to our prayers! I hope that everyone will
be able to not blame Him for our trails, but instead that you will
come to Him in humble prayer because of your trails. He loves us and
wants the best for us. He is constantly blessing us every day, and the
blessings won't stop because we are doing something bad, but we just
gotta try a little harder to be a little better to receive all the
blessings possible. It's simple: be good, receive blessings, be
better, receive more blessings!

Hope you all have a great one!!

Elder Rogers

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Happy 'Merica day! 🇺🇸

Hey this week was great!! We visited our potentials a couple times and
one never answered and the other did, but sadly isn't actually
interested. Which is ok! A ton of people here are ready they are just
hiding from us. It's like one big game of hide and seek for 2 years!!
But we have a cheat, he's called the Holy Ghost ;) haha just kidding,
we are doing our best to always act on the help of the Holy Ghost!

So this week we met with a really cool family on Sunday. They are
members and have 9 kids I think. They are really awesome!! They are a
really funny, and kinda weird, couple in their 30's but they are
really strong in the church! They had a rough start in their lives
growing up, and went to many trials. But they always knew that they
had to be in the church! Their faith is so strong and I'm very
grateful to have been able to hear about all their experiences.

Other than that, we were able to meet our new mission president and
his family!! They are super cool and I'm very excited to work with him
and learn from them!! He gave a great talk to us on the 4th and he is
really excited to be here along with his family!

Well that's about it for the week! I know that this church is true! I
know the more we bare our testimonies the closer we will come closer
to our Savior Jesus Christ!! Which is a big deal! He gave His life for
each one of us. We all have the Light of Christ, which allows us to
gain our testimony and to receive a witness from the Holy Ghost.

Everyone's have a great week!!

Elder Rogers

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Fahrräder 🚴

Hey! This week was super sweet! Just to start off, we have had a ton
of member appointments lately! The members here are really awesome and
have been very helpful! We were able to visit a couple investigators
because they offered us rides, sadly no one answered this week, but we
keep trying!!!

We have been staying really busy and trying really hard to meet with
our investigators, sometimes people are just so dang busy it's a joke!
But we know that the power of prayer helps them realize that God truly
loves them! And I'm so grateful to be able to help others come closer
to their Savior, Jesus Christ.

Well besides that, we have been biking a lot this week. My bike has
always been a little old and beaten up. Well we were going up this
hill to a members house and just at the top of the hill the chain
busted in half and the gears got destroyed. Obviously now it's
completely not usable, obviously. I realized that I learned something
from my bike breaking. Just like the bike, we need to keep ourselves
maintained and taken care of so that we can always be able to perform
at the top of our ability! I know that because of the Atonement of
Jesus Christ we are able to use that to keep ourselves in the best
shape and able to be closer to Him and our Heavenly Father.

I hope everyone has one freakin swaggin week!!!

Elder Rogers