Thursday, March 15, 2018

Signing off

  Well this week was a good one for sure! I can’t believe how fast
time goes, it makes no sense. I’m so grateful for this area though!
I’m so glad i was able to be here for so long and meet some many
awesome people. It’s awesome to be able to work with so many awesome
people that are all working towards helping others come unto Christ.

  But, a little bit about the last 7 days! On the weekend we did some
service for a German family that had a ton of wood in their driveway
and they needed it in their garage. After we moved a ton of wood we
went finding for a little bit longer before our dinner appointment
with the McLaren family. They are way cool and brother McLaren does
tons of family history work. Actually, the member we met with the day
after that also does a lot of family history! It’s way cool to hear
stories from them about their ancestors and stories that they know

  Sunday was crazy! A couple members in the ward were at dinner a
couple nights before Sunday and one of them was wearing a BYU hoodie.
Their waitress was interested in their hoodie and told them that she
wants to go to school there but doesn’t know if she had to be a member
or not. But she also said that she believes what the Mormons believe
in! It was crazy! So she made it to church, she is a super cool girl
that can speak 4 languages and is way mature! She had a couple
questions about the church, but the Spirit was able to testify to her
about what we were saying. It was so awesome to meet her and we gave
her over to the sisters since she’s a single young women.

  Earlier in the week we went finding in this city called Linden and
this city was insane! We got there and we just started knockin doors
and everyone who answered would just wave us away. Which was no big
deal until we ran into this cat that was pretty much possessed! This
cat just followed us around and kept meowing at us all weird! Elder
Adams was super scared for some reason, but it was more funny than
anything. Eventually the cat stopped following us and we were able to
talk to some cool people. No one had tons of interest, but a couple
were willing to at least let us in and hear us out.

  Wednesday was awesome, we had an awesome district meeting and the
senior missionaries, the Jacobs, made us an awesome lunch. They are
such great people and I am waaay glad I was able to serve along side
of them. After district meeting we met with a couple people that sadly
asked us to kindly not come back, but were grateful we stopped by and
chatted. We had German class and were able to talk to the young men
about how to teach as missionaries. We definitely aren’t perfect at
it, but it was awesome to be able to talk with them and give them
pointers on how to reach teach by the Spirit.

   Today we visited a castle in Heidelberg and thinking about it  I
think I visited the same castle my first pday on the mission, that’s

   But just to close out one last time, I’ve been thinking a lot
lately about success and becoming who our Heavenly Father knows we can
become. I realized that our success/satisfaction comes from our
personal conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ. This conversion
propels us to keep going and keep looking forward. As we do this we
can’t help but let our example beam out like a light for others to

    I know the gospel of Jesus Christ is true. I know the Book of
Mormon testifies of Jesus Christ and has that power of conversion
within its pages. All of life’s big questions can be found and
answered inside the Book of Mormon. I also know with my whole heart
that the healing, redeeming, never ending power of the Atonement of
Jesus Christ is needed for us to be able to put our bad habits and
sins in the past and follow our Savior, Jesus Christ. Don’t be so
quick to run from the outstretched arms who’s hands were scarred for
your eternal salvation. Because Jesus Christ went through such a hard
(to us impossible) trial for each one of our sins we don’t have to
be sad throughout our life on earth. I know this to be true because I
have experienced this power in my own life. Be positive, know that
there is happiness coming, and look to Christ for comfort and council!

    I hope everyone has a great week! I’ll see you next week!

Elder Rogers

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Hmm, so you’re Trinitarian..?

Wow what a week, people are funny and it was great to meet with
some people! Honestly this was one of the most spiritual weeks of my
life. I learned a lot about revelation in my studies and especially
about the power of the Book of Mormon.

    To start off, last Thursday evening we had a member split with
some of the guys in the ward. We visited some members that the ward
council has been talking about for a while and sadly all the people
that me and my split companion visited weren’t home, or they were
really busy at the moment. But we still had a good time!

    On Friday we knocked on some guy's door and he said that he knows
us so he let us in. We got talking about the church of course and he
was asking tons of questions about it, which was great but we felt
like we were being interrogated! But sometimes that is the case. The
discussion continued on and we were on the topic of the Godhead for a
while. We told him that God the eternal Father and His Son, Jesus
Christ are separate beings; that both have bodies of flesh and bone and
that with the Holy Ghost they make up the Godhead. They aren’t one
God, but they are one God in purpose. He then leaned back and thought
for a second, then said, “Hmm, i never knew Mormons were Trinitarian?”
(Meaning we believed in the trinity, which we don’t). We tried to
explain it over and over different ways with scriptures and he still
wasn’t getting it. Eventually he asked us, if we were to die right
now, do you know you would go to Heaven? I had always thought of this
question, but it was the first time someone I had just met asked me
that. We thought about it for a second and then gave our answers.

    After that little discussion with that guy I started to think
about having that knowledge and faith that if you did all of a sudden
die would you go to Heaven. I'm very grateful for the knowledge of the
plan of salvation and I hope everyone can receive that testimony of it
as well.

    I can’t really remember Saturday too much, except for we met with
our only German investigator and he is super cool! We talked about the
restoration and the Book of Mormon and he seemed to like it. He’s got
a way dope beard and I’m pumped to teach him further.

    Sunday was great, a member in one of the wards decided to take one
of us to go visit a new member in the ward that was inactive in her
last ward. So he wanted to go visit her and see how she was doing or
if there was anything we could help with. Luckily I got to go and I’m
so glad! I really look up to this member a lot.  When I first met him I
thought that he didn’t really like me all that much, but over the time
with eating dinner with his family and working with him with
missionary work I’ve come to really like this guy. Since I go home
soon he was giving me some great advice about when I get home. Pretty
much advice on sticking it out through the hard times and holding to
my testimony. It was really awesome and I’m so grateful for him.
Before we met with the member that we visited, he suggested that we
said a prayer in the car before we walked up to the door. It was super
spiritual and I can’t even describe how awesome it was to be sitting
in some car in the middle of nowhere, in Germany, feeling the spirit
speak to us. It was like the Holy Ghost was in the car and said the
prayer for us.

    Other than that we met with a former investigator that is  super
cool! He was this jacked dude with long hair and a beard, pretty much
like Tarzan just had clothes on hahahahaha! He is really chill and
laid back about a lot of things so religion isn’t a worry for him.

    Well I just realized this email is already getting thick so I’ll
do you guys a favor and end it! Haha! Lately I have been studying
revelation and I realized I wasn’t understanding it as well as i
should’ve. So I went to God in prayer and asked for help! I realized
that I wasn’t being specific in my prayers. I had forgotten how all
knowing and all powerful God is and for some reason I thought that he
wouldn’t understand me if I asked him to help me understand
revelation as I study it. Instead of praying for really general
things, we need to be more specific! God knows exactly what we mean!
He is that friend that you can go to about anything and He will
understand you perfectly!!!! Trust in Him, know that He is there and
don’t give up.

    Jacob 4:8 says
“Behold, great and marvelous are the works of the Lord. How
unsearchable are the depths of the mysteries of him; and it is
impossible that man should find out all his ways. And no man knoweth
of his ways save it be revealed unto him; wherefore; brethren, despise
not the revelations of God.”

    Everyone have a great week!

Elder Rogers

Thursday, March 1, 2018

It’s already March

Well another week is gone just like that! It’s crazy how fast it
goes when you’re busy! Winter finally hit and it’s actually cold now,
it felt like a really long fall until this week! Last weekend we had a
split with the other elders! I got to stay in Ktown with Elder Heller!
It was awesome to be with a German for a whole day and just get to
really speak the language and learn some great tips from him. He’s a
super great missionary. On our split we helped a family move some wood
from their front yard to the back and then had a super great lunch
with them. They are a really cool, humble German family. It was super
strange to have a German appointment because I’ve only had American
appointments for the last 10 months! Not complaining they have been
awesome. After that we had an appointment set up with a less-active
member, but he wasn’t able to make it sadly. So we went finding! We
didn’t have a ton of success, but it was still good to get out and go

   Sunday was great, Elder Adams and I both gave talks in one of the
wards and then elder Ashworth got up to bare his testimony. Elder
Adams and I were super psyched out to give talks, but they both went
great and we didn’t go over, so the bishopric was happy. Earlier this
week we had a great Missionary Conference and learned a ton about the
importance of using the Book of Mormon because of the power that it

    We also went on a member split with some priests and the bishop
from the ward and it was a tons of fun! Elder Adams, a  priest, and
bishop went by on an investigator and they had a really good lesson
with him. Elder Ashworth, me and two priests went to another
appointment with members and had a blast. We taught them about how we
can become immune from the temptations of the adversary and how
important it is to set goals and stick with them.

    Well just to wrap up I hope everyone knows how important it is for
us to be converted. As i studied for my talk last Sunday i learned
that Alma the younger wasn’t converted when the Angel appeared to him
and the sons of Mosiah, he was converted to much fasting and much
prayer. In other words, it took time, it took enduring trials and
learning for himself. I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is what
we can use to be converted, it’s what gets us on the path to Christ
and keeps us on it. I hope everyone has a great week!!!

Elder Rogers

Thursday, February 22, 2018


Hey I got no time and I put my weekly off for way too long and now I’m
crunchin it in!! This week was great! We talked to some cool people
that are ready for the gospel and we are excited to get to know them
more! It’s also starting to get pretty cold! We have been staying warm

Im sorry my weekly is terrible, but what do you do! I hope you all
have a great week and I just want you guys to know that it’s better
for us to be all in to the gospel than to only be a little in or not
at all! I challenge all you guys to read elder Sabins talk from two
conferences ago titled, all in or something like that! Catch ya next

Elder Rogers

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Home made, from China

This week was pretty good! There was a lot of craziness that
happened, but it’s still been a good time here in Ramstein, like
always. I’m super happy to know that I’m finishing my mission here, I
had thought that when I got to this point I’d just sit in the back of
the boat and let my companion do all the work, but it’s totally not
like that! When anyone gets to the end of their mission they should be
at the front of the boat because they have good experience and have
been doing missionary work for a while. I’m grateful for the Lord and
everything he has blessed me with as I have tried my hardest to be the
best representative of His church as I can be.

    As far as investigators and stuff, Douglas was busy when we
stopped by so we will be coming back this weekend. We were supposed to
meet with Tim this weekend as well, but he just fell out... it is what
it is. And Anthony is actually making some good improvement! We had
stake conference last weekend and he was able to make it! The stake
presidency gave great talks as well as the other members that were
chosen. Elder Sabin was also there and he really reached out to
everyone there and spoke to their needs. We haven’t been able to meet
with Anthony since, but as far as we know he knows a couple people
from the ward already and that he liked the conference.

     Well besides that, it’s been crazy talking to people on the
streets or at their door with three people. I can’t remember if I
mentioned it last week, but Elder Adams and I have another Elder with
us. His name is Elder Ashworth and he is in his second transfer so we
are kind of double training him. It’s super weird, but it’s pretty
fun. I’ve never had 2 companions at the same time so it’s cool to see
how it works!

    Anyways, I’m very grateful for this work, for the holiness of it
and also the miracles we see just by putting faith in the Lord, Jesus
Christ. Take a second every night (before or after your nightly
prayer) and reflect on what Jesus Christ has done or what He is
currently doing for you. When you sincerely think of Christ and the
suffering that He did for you individually, you will come closer to
Him and feel more of His perfect, never ending love. I have felt this
love! I know what it’s like to feel so terrible that you don’t think
the light of Christ can reach you, or that His love wasn’t meant for
you. But just like I was, you’re wrong. His love, light, and mercy are
for you and me and everyone! Individually and always! He wants us to
be happy, why would He go through all the suffering and pain for you
personally if He didn’t care about your happiness!? He does truly love
us, and that love is real because he loves us and knows what’s best
for us.

     Everyone have a great week!!!!!!!!

Elder Rogers, the older one

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Schiebetür, Schiebetür

    This week was super great! We had transfer calls on Saturday
night and Elder Adams and I will be staying in Ramstein!! I’m super
glad, I’ve been here for quite a while and I don’t have a while left
at all so I’m happy to be here for longer. Anyways, sadly elder Clarke
got transferred. We all miss him tons and I wish he was staying, but
it is what it is and the Lord needs him somewhere more than i want him
here. But we will see each other again so no biggy!!

     Sooo last week on Friday and Saturday, and this last Monady is
and the other elders helped a lady and her family build some new
furniture in their new apartment. One of the things we helped her
build was a huge sliding door closet cabinet thingy. It was terrible
and took us sooo long to figure out the instructions. Anyways, it took
us about 12 hours total but we eventually got it done!!

     Other than that, last week our appointments with our
investigators fell out, but this week we were able to meet with one
named Douglas and one named Anthony. They have been really awesome and
we were able to have great discussions about the church with them.
Anyways, Tim is also progressing really well and we are hopefully
meeting with him on Friday! He is super close to getting an answer to
be baptized, so it’s just a matter of sticking with him.

     Oh one thing I forgot is that elder Adams and I will be getting
another missionary with us on Saturday! He is pretty new on the
mission, but his companion is pretty ill right now so we will be
having him for the transfer. We are excited but also hoping all is
well for the other missionary.

     Well I hope everyone has a great week! I’m grateful for all that
the Lord, Jesus Christ teaches us and for everything that we are able
to accomplish through Him! I love this church and the safety that it
brings into our life’s! I know it’s true and I can’t deny.

     Elder Rogers

Thursday, February 1, 2018


Hey everyone so this week was great! We had our district meeting on
Tuesday and it was the last one for the transfer! Elder Clarke was
pretty sure he was leaving haha! I also assigned him to teach about
the law of chastity and he thought I was joking so he didn’t prepare!
He asked me to just cut it out! He’s a dork but he is probably one of
the funniest guys I know! We are like best friends forever now. Also
he doesn’t have anybody waiting for him at home so if you want his
email HMU!

We had a way Good Friday this week! I was on a split with Elder
Clarke’s companion (German...) we met with one of our investigators
Douglas and he wouldn’t pray because he didn’t want to like show God
that he was doubting. But then we just talked for a while and he
agreed that he needed to pray about the Book of Mormon! Then we met
with Tim and it was way good and we asked if he wanted to be  baptized
and he said yes! He hasn’t gotten an answer yet but he is still
praying and willing so now it’s just a matter of time! Then we went on
base to chili’s with a less active member and he is like the coolest
guy in the world! So it was one of the funnest splits I’ve had!

So we got a a text from Douglas and he just said guys I got an answer
but in a weird way but I think I understand it haha! So then he came
to church on Sunday and told the whole Sunday school class that he
missed a call from this over Facebook from this random guy and so he
wrote him and asked him and the guy said it was just an accident! So
he looked at this guys profile and it said he was from Heaven and
working for God! So then he said that there was no way it was a
coincidence to accidentally call someone through Facebook! So that was
his answer haha!

Im gonna wrap this puppy up with my testimony about prayer and
receiving an answer to prayer.  I know that God hears and answers our
prayers and He does it in a way that we will know it! So don’t get
down if you don’t get answered right away cause He will answer you!
Love you guys!