Monday, July 25, 2016

President Stoddard and Summer fests!

This week was a little stressful but it's all good because we got to
meet with president! We had zone training on Friday and President
Stoddard was there. We learned a lot about studying and how to apply
it better, then after that we got to have our one on one interviews
with President. He is one of the coolest guys I've met. Not talking
down his position in the church because I respect this man a ton! But
I love talking to him because he is so chill and is just another
person! He doesn't make you feel all nervous because his position in
the church is a pretty big deal, he just helps you relax and it feels
like I was just talking to a friend. Just a really mature friend haha!

After our interviews, Elder Stiles and I went on splits with our zone
leaders, Elder Fultz and Elder Moore from Heidelberg. Elder Fultz and
Stiles went to Heidelberg and I had the awesome chance of being a
"host" in my area with Elder Moore. Elder Moore is such a stud, he
only has about 4ish months left so he is a lot more experienced with
me but he always has the best compliments and is always relaxed when
we talked to people. I learned a ton being able to split with him.

Then after we split back on Saturday afternoon, we had a ward summer
fest. It's kind of just this thing a lot of wards in Germany do every
summer. They just cook food, make up games for kids, and everyone
brings a friend. Little does the friend know is that the missionaries
will be there and we always on the hunt for some new
meat/investigators. Hahaha! But that was way fun and quite a few
people were there.

Before I finish I just really wanted to express my love for the
Savior, Jesus Christ. At times I'll be thinking why our investigators
don't work out or why we can't seem to get any new ones. But then I
realize that it's not about the numbers. Yes we are bringing people to
the waters of baptism through Christ, but my love and appreciation for
the Savior has increased so much! And if no one I talk to wants to
feel His love, then fine I'll just get closer to his always open arms
while I keep trying. So I encourage everyone this week to lift your
heads up, but not high enough were it makes you become arrogant, and
try to help other people come unto Christ. I promise you that as you
do this, you yourself will come unto Christ more then you would have
ever guessed. I love the Savior, He is my best friend and I will be
forever grateful and in debt to his Atoning sacrifice for the world. I
look up to Him and His example more then anyone, His influence on me
is huge and is only getting stronger. I know that everyone needs to
feel His love and when they do they won't be able to let go of His
forever outstretched hand, that carries us to show how much He
loves each and everyone of us.

I hope everyone had a good week and will have another good one! You
are all awesome!!!

Elder Rogers

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Monday, July 18, 2016

Finding, finding, finding

This week was definitely up and down but the ups were way better then
the downs!! Even though transfers aren't even for another 4 weeks I'm
definitely going to miss my companion, Elder Stiles a ton!! Me and him
have gotten along since day one and it has been a very answered
prayer! I'm already stressing for the next comp!! Haha but I know the
Lord will pair me up with who he knows I need to be, and I know I will
learn from him as I have Elder Stiles.

So our investigator Ali wasn't in town this whole week so we never got
to meet up with him. We were way bummed because he said he wanted to
have is over for dinner. He is also trying to start a business so he
is very busy as it is. Plus when he isn't very open to what we are
telling him and just won't read the Book of Mormon it makes it tough
to bring him to the font!! Haha but it's alright because we found some
great potentials this week and are looking forward to meeting with
them next week.

One pretty cool thing this week was actually yesterday at church! One
of the councilors asked Elder Stiles if he could give the opening
prayer and he said ok sure! He thought that he said to pass the
sacrament but I told him that he is definitely saying the prayer.
Before he went to sit up at the front for the sacrament I told him
that if he is wrong and i am right then he has to talk to every girl
that we contact on the streets, and if he was right and I was wrong
then same for me. So he sat up at the front before the meeting began
and a guy walked in that normally passes, saw Elder Stiles sitting
there and was really confused. At that time I knew that I had won!!
Haha then when they announced who was saying the opening prayer they
confirmed that my trainer was no better then me.... Well as far as
being in sacrament. So sucks for him, he had to pass the sacrament,
say the opening prayer, AND talk to every girl on the street. Hahaha!

On a more serious note, I feel like that little experience can be used
for bigger things. We should never feel like we are able to do
anything or aren't in the high enough authority to tell someone they
are doing something wrong. But at the same time we should respect the
people that are higher then us and always tell them uplifting stuff
that can help them in a humble way, and never in a way that is rude
and won't get them anywhere except for mad at you. I have found out a
lot this week about how big humility is to the Lord and how it is a
huge Christlike attribute. I know that as we are always humble and
always making it known that the Holy Ghost and the all merciful Lord
are the ones that are putting us in the right places at the right
time. I know that humility will always be something we always need to
work on, but I also know that this isn't our mission, it's the Lords.

We are serving him for 2 years our 18 months and we are representing
his perfect Son, Jesus Christ. Now that doesn't mean that we are
perfect at all nor will we ever be, but that means that we need to
always try to be that example to others. And that doesn't just go for
all my fellow missionaries, it goes for everyone before the mission
and everyone after.

Everyone has a part in this church. The only difference between
missionaries and just simply members is that we are set apart. But the
thing we have alike is that we can always help people with the help of
the Holy Ghost. Always be listening for that still small voice!!! Hope
everyone has a great week!!!

Elder Rogers

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Monday, July 11, 2016

Freaking Ali, and fly hunting

Maine gute!!!! This week has been just crazy! Missions are definitely
roller coasters, but I always hope that my high points on the roller
coasters go longer then the low points!!

Anyways this week was a little upsetting as far as our investigator
Ali goes. We were trying to get a hold of him the whole week and then
one day he called and said "hey meet me at the park right now", so we
dropped what we were doing and just met up with him. We talked for
about 2 to 3 hours with him about stuff he looked up about us on the
Internet. We told him to not look up anything about us on the Internet
unless it's He just really thinks about things too much and
cuts us off mid sentence a lot. But after that meeting we thought he
was going to drop us and he said that he really likes us and wants to
keep going to church. We said there is no point in meeting if you have
no interest. Then he told us that he will read the Book of Mormon
more. Later that night he texted us and said thanks for meeting with
him, and that he wanted us over for dinner this week! So hopefully we
can get him interested! But it's sounding like he is really not to

Anyways besides that we had the awesome chance to go to the MOTAB
concert for free on Saturday night! Honestly not to sound like a total
fun hater, but I wasn't really into all the songs they played. We were
warned that a couple songs are different, and they sure were!! Haha
but it was so nice to just really listen and think about why I am in
Germany at 19 years old talking about something to people that I would
never talk to at home. This church is SO true and the blessings truly
fall like rain. We just need to see them!!! The only sucky thing about
the concert was that we got home at 2:30 in the morning and had church
the next day so we were trying soooo hard to not fall asleep! Haha but
we did it.

So something funny this week actually happened today. Elder Stiles and
I were studying this morning and I heard a fly come in through the
window so I slammed it shut so he couldn't get out. (The Windows are
about 5 feet away) then I opened my drawer, whipped out my brand new
nerf gun (from my mom for my birthday, I don't just go buy kids toys
while I'm a missionary) loaded it and shot right at the fly! All that
happened next was his body landed next to Elder Stiles and his head
landed by me! It was the coolest thing ever! But yeah, just so you
know the immature me always seems to find his way out even while I'm
out here. Haha!!

So just to wrap up with something spiritual. Haha! I just want
everyone to know, if they don't already, is that the Lord knows
exactly what he is doing. And as far as our trials and hard times go
in life we just need to remember that it was from our Heavenly Father
and that He is doing this because He loves us. I have found out this
week also that it is my biggest regret in life that I have never read
the Book of Mormon all the way through. I look back at all the time
that I had back then and wish that I would have just opened this
amazing glorious book up. It truly is the only book that can answer
questions to prayers, and it does! Although I regret it more than
anything it makes me want to read it even more. It's my favorite book,
and honestly I hate reading so it's probably the only book I will
read. Haha! But I know that if I had read it when my mom told me too I
would have been way beyond where I am now, moms are really always
right. So don't look back like I have!! Read it everyday, and don't
say you don't have time because we always have time for the good word of the
Lord! Haha! Love you guys all tons and I'm so grateful for everyone of
you! Keep your heads up and always turn to the Lord!

Elder Rogers

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Monday, July 4, 2016

Friday nights are still a thing!!!!

Just wanted to say happy 4th and I love you all tons!!!!!

And that we made some killer pizza and Kool aid

Ronny and too much food

This week was crazy!! My comp and I had another great one! We had
transfer calls Saturday and my comp was made District Leader and
could've been transferred out, but thankfully he will be staying! I
can't believe how much I look up to this guy and how much I've opened
up to him! It's gunna be a true bummer when he heads out! But this
week was great, no pigeons flew into my head this time!

So this week to start off, Ali has been really improving. We talked
about tithing and fasting and he is all good about that. For some
reason he just won't give us an answer for a baptismal date, but we
told him he has to this week! Haha! But we also told him that we will
have him prepared before he is baptized haha! He just has a little
issue with his e cigarette and coffee, but he can get over those

We also went on splits with elders from Worms again and this time I
was with Elder Freeland! He is way awesome, he has 6 months ish left
so he is real comfortable with the language but we found a strong
potential on the streets named Frank!! Then later that night we were
calling some potentials on the phone. We were calling for an hour,
about 45 minutes into it a guy named Ronny answered and I told him our
whole introduction and asked if he was interested. He replied yes I'm
very interested! I didn't know what to say because no one has ever
said that!! Haha! Then to make sure he was in my city Mannheim I asked
him were he was living and he said Worms... Elder Freeland almost
jumped out of his seat when he heard that and so he got lucky with a
really strong potential. But that's alright because we are all into
this together as one mission!!!

So we met with a couple member for dinner and lunches. One of the
members we met with was Sasha. And this guy fed the crap outta us!! He
made mashed potatoes and fried chicken, and we drank apple juice. And
he made us eat every last bit! I was trying so hard to out that food
down! Oh and for everyone (dad) who thinks I'm going to come home
looking like 2 Elder Rogers, I have picture evidence that I just got
out of the big 190's!! So there's that! Haha!

Anyways just to wrap this stuff up! I was lookin back in my planner
for the first transfer and I saw that I had set a daily goal for us to
teach 8 lessons and get 7 new investigators. I don't remember why I
did because we only went finding for 2 hours that whole day!! Haha
anything could have happened and we had the faith but we just didn't
have the time. Then I got reading other friends emails from other
countries, and they already have baptisms!! I got thinking, what the
heck this is a joke! Germans are so hard hearted! Haha but then I
realized it's not about the numbers, it's about helping others.
Sometimes that means families and families and sometimes that means
only a couple people if you get them. But I now that to be a
"successful" missionary is when we have truly converted ourselves in
the work of converting others! I also know that we can always do
missionary work when we aren't even on a mission! Member play a huge
part in tons of stuff and I hope that everyone at home can always help
everyone they run into!! And look up a talk by Elder M. Russel Ballard
in 1984 titled "Write down a date."

Much love!!
Happy freakin American day!!🇺🇸

-Elder Rogers

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