Saturday, May 28, 2016

2 days away from Germany!‏

  holy crap ive never been so nervous then i am today!! i am so nervous to even fly to Atlanta and then i have to fly to Germany! but anyways im pretty excited! well i guess ill tell you the funny stuff of the week and then the spiritual stuff.

     haha so on tuesday when we were doing service i noticed that my supervisor dude had a yoyo on his table and not even messing around i had the biggest feeling that if i just asked whos yoyo that was then he would give it to me. so i asked him and he said that someone left it on a couch and hasnt picked it up. so i asked if he was going to use it and he said no and threw it at me! haha ask and ye shall receive! hahaha! so now ive been freaking yoyoing like it aint no thing! haha!

     so this week we got 33 new Germans and they all looked so terrified once we finally got to meet them! yesterday me and Elder Deus (not my companion but if we were there wouldnt be one person that wouldnt be getting splashed) haha! we were going to class to class just getting to know them and just relax them a little bit. we met an Elder named Jaden Clarke. and he is from Taylor! anyways we were talking to his class for a long time and bore our testimonies and stuff like that. later that night (this was yesterday) we were chillin in my room and Elder Clarke walked in. we went outside to talk to him and he said that we were an answer to his prayers. we went around the corner away from everyone else and talked to him for a little about teaching lessons to investigators and stuff. before we went to bed we asked him if we could do anything for him like give him a blessing and he said that he wanted one. so we moved into his room and shut the door. Elder Deus gave him a very good blessing of comfort, and the spirit was so strong there. 

     if there is one thing that i have learned completely here at the mtc its that everyone has a problem and no one is perfect. when i first saw Elder Clarke i thought that he was so comfortable and just fit right in! i thought that he knew all this German and that he was already ready for the field. you never know what people need to hear. and i know that not only in the mission field can we find out peoples needs and help them but we can at our jobs or school or where ever!

     so thats about my week, ill have a lot more to tell you guys next week because ill be in fetchin GERMANY! 

Elder Rogers

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