Thursday, March 23, 2017

Africans, gotta love 'em

          Well alright this week was way awesome and we weren't lost
as much!! We explored more of our huge area and we met a ton of people
that were way cool, but a couple were a little crazy. It was fun
though!! We met a ton of Africans, which is always my favorite. I wish
I was African.

        On Tuesday we met with an African potential investigator named
Jeremiah. He is super sick and of course he is a homie. We talked with
him about the restoration, Book of Mormon, and Jesus Christ. He was
very happy to answer questions he had, and even though he looked a
little confused and like he had a lot of questions he was comfortable
talking with us. He told us that he was really stressed with multiple
things goin on right now. Elder Bahr and i both promised him that the
Lord would help take his stress and worries away if he would just pray
to him and show him the faith that he knows that the Lord will answer
his prayers.

       On Monday we got to meet with a bunch of missionaries from
around our area! It was super sick to see all the homies in the
mission. I got to take a generation picture with my golden and my
trainers new golden! Haha it's super sick I gotta say. After zone
conference got over we dipped hard back to Köln to meet with an
investigator, we still didn't make it back on time. We called him when
we got to where we planned to meet him and he forgot about our
appointment, so we scheduled a new one. After that we decided to call
people and get appointments set up. After that we had dinner.

        Other than that, last week we went to a castle and today we
just walked around from store to store lookin at stuff that we can't
afford!! Hahaha well just to end, we had interviews with our mission
president a couple days ago. It's always awesome to have some one on
one time with the mission pres. He is an outstanding guy and sometimes
I don't know how he does it! At the end of the interview he asked how
I have came closer to Christ lately. To be honest the question caught
me off guard, but I told him by the daily routine of repentance. We
talked a lot at our zone conference about repentance and how when we
first hear it we think of it as something terrible. Elder Bednar said
that another word to assist repentance is redeeming. We become
redeemed every time we repent, thanks to the Atonement. What a
blessing!! As Easter approaches, I constantly think on the Atonement
of Jesus Christ and how much meaning it has to me. The power of the
Atonement gave me a new life and I know it can do the same for

        Everyone have a good week.

Elder Rogers

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