Thursday, March 9, 2017


    What is freaking up!! This week was super sick, but to be
honest it was a pretty normal week... so I don't know why it was super
sick... I guess I'm just running out of names for my weeks. Anyways!
The end of the transfer is next week! (On Monday). So I'll have no
freakin idea if i should stay or should I go, but it's goin to be a
Clash. Hahaha but yeah I guess that will be the surprise for next
week, for y'all and me.

         Well to start off with the coolest thing this week! Since
there are sooo many JW's here and just about everyone mistakes us as
them, it just makes missionary work a little harder. (JW's haven't
left a good impression on the German people). So Elder Moon and i
decided telling people straight up that we are Mormons! Haha not a lot
of people have heard of Mormons, but you'd be surprised at how many
know what a Mormon is. And I know your probably thinking, "Elder
Rogers you turd! That's not even the real name of the church!" Yes, I
know, the churches name is on my left peck every day... thanks. But!
We have found out that when we say we are Mormons and want to share an
amazing message with you, they actual listen longer then a door to the

         A cool example with that was on Tuesday! We were dooring a
HUGE apartment building and somewhere down the doorbells some guy
walked up and told us that no one in this whole apartment wanted to
talk to us. I kindly, but in a very German like way, told him that
they can make there own decisions. He came back with some German sass
and said they have all had a bad experience. He started getting
frustrated so we just let the old fart when and we went across the
street hahaha! We started dooring some actual houses, telling everyone
who answered that we were Mormon and wanted to share an amazing
message with them. Well we got a couple house down and this older
yelled through the door, "who is it!?!?" I thought, oh boy one of
those people that don't answer the door they just yell through it. We
yelled back, "Mormons! We have an amazing message for you!" She opened
the door and said please come in please! We were like what the
heck!?!? We gladly went in and talked to her. Come to find out she had
visited Utah and saw the temple and all that. She was a little over
80, had been born catholic, and just like every other German, was
dying catholic. Which is ok! We don't want to convert people, we just
want them to see that the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
can make it better haha! We just chatted with her for a bit, about
random stuff and the Book of Mormon, then left.

         Besides the cool old lady! It has been raining for the past 5
days here!! Gotta admit, if there was some thunder in with it or it
stopped raining here and there throughout the day I'd be cool with it.
But it just won't stop!! I guess that's just how spring is in Germany.
It is cool to see the weather slowly changing, and it doesn't start
getting dark at 4 in the afternoon. Anyways, i hope everyone had a
great week and that you don't hesitate to send me a quick email!

         I know this church is true!! I wish people were more
accepting and that they would at least just let us teach them only one
lesson. I know that if they let us just teach one they would not be
able to deny the Holy Ghost. I love being able to feel it every day as
a missionary and to be able to work so closely with it! He's a homie!
I hope everyone tries to feel the spirit this week! (One of the best
ways is bearing a testimony to a friend or helping someone in need ;)
). And let me know how it goes!! Just cuz I send stories every week
doesn't mean you guys can't send me any!! So please! Bis nächste
freaking Woche! #danglish

Elder Rogers
Just a funny garbage can I thought my dad would like.

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