Thursday, March 2, 2017

The brotha is back... and still black!

 Yo what up homies!! I hope I can make up for the sucky weekly
emails I've sent out lately, and luckily this week was a good one! It
was really fast so I hope I can remember everything!! Sadly we haven't
been able to work with any of our investigators this week, but the
week ain't over yet!! We did however, run into one of our former
investigators named Wisdom at a gas station. It was seriously the
weirdest thing. We had an appointment with a member around 3 o'clock
so we got there around 2:45, knocked on the door, and got now answer..
At first we had no idea what to do. I don't know if it was an
impression from the Holy Ghost, or I was just thirsty, but there was a
gas station across the street and I was craving a drink. Elder moon
and I started walking towards the gas station and as we turned to
approach the door our old brotha, Wisdom, was walking out!! We
immediately recognized each other and did the typical, "my brotha! How
you doin!?" Followed by the homie handshake and the typical African
snap afterwards. Haha we just chatted for a bit with him, seeing how
he was doing and stuff and then he told us that he needs to come to
church. Hopefully we can meet with him and get him to church, but we
will see. This is one tough African.

         Other then that we had some awesome appointments with
members! We were out and about with my boy Karlheinz, he is pretty
much the hardest working member I've ever met and he is pushin 80
years of age. We went by on a lot of people and Karlheinz told a lot
of people about how we are mormons. He loves telling people we are
mormons and takes every opportunity that is given to him! Haha I
absolutely love this guy, our bishop told us if he was to pass away
one day or even be in the hospital for a while our missionary work in
the area would come to a stop. And I totally agree!! The members
really make the difference, for example. We are out all day tryin to
talk to people about Jesus Christ, and sadly that name scares people.
We tend to get down as missionaries/members as we share what means so
much to us, but when we as members pick each other up the work will
keep moving and people will soften their hearts more and more.

         Also, sometime in the last 7 days, I can't really remember
exactly. We went to a members house that lives really close to
surprise visit them and to ask them if we could shower in their
bathroom... let me explain though so y'all don't think I'm some
freakin weirdo goin over to members houses askin if we can use their
shower. Elder Moon and I haven't had hot water in our apartment for a
while and at first we were like ehh it's not that bad we will just
tough it out. Well a while passed by and our first world problems got
to us. We called the owner and everything to get it fixed, but it was
staying the same. So that's why we asked these homie members. Which im
glad they were cool with it, because their bathroom is so freaking
sick! I can't even explain it it's so cool! Pretty much the husband
remodels crapy original bathrooms into super dope bathrooms that you
would throw a party in. If our hot water wasn't back on I would go
take a picture of their bathroom next time I'm in it, but
sadly/luckily our hot water is back on. Hahaha man members are

         Well just to wrap this little hush puppy up I'd like to just
simply share my testimony on the Savior, Jesus Christ. Every time I
see or hear his name everything goes quiet and I feel at peace. His
name has so much meaning to it: happiness, eternal life, eternal
families, peace, love, perfect, mercy, wise, kind, example and tons
others. I am still trying to understand why when some people hear us
tell them that we are sharing an amazing message about Jesus Christ
they get scared and shut their door on us. It breaks my heart that
they don't want to at least give Him, the Savior and Redeemer of the
world, just one chance. But I feel a type of happiness that I don't
feel doing anything else when someone does want to learn about how
much love the Savior has for them. I testify and know that Jesus
Christ loves each and every one of us. He will always be there for us,
in times of joy and times of sorrow. He lives! His mercy and
forgiveness is endless, I know that especially to be true! He has
given me a new life and continually shaping me every day. I know that
He will be there, right next to our loving Heavenly Father, waiting
for us just to simply pray and ask for comfort. Life is hard, but it
doesn't have to be without the perfect love of Christ that we can feel

         Well I hope everyone has another freaking swaggin' week!!
Shout out to my Grandma and Grandpa Rogers!! ;) hahaha! Love you all,
unless you think that's weird then I don't... anyways I finna but
y'all up next week, Ciao! šŸ¤™

Elder Rogers
The district

We look like we just did drugs, but we just had some A&W root beer.

Zone pic

we had some for real burgers

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