Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Well This week was flippin fast!! I can't believe November is
tomorrow! Time really does cruise by when your not thinking about it!
But as far as the work goes it has been awesome!! We got a list from
our bishop that has tons and tons of inactive members on it. We call
it the home teaching list! Haha! Sadly a lot of them don't even live
at the address we have or they just didn't answer. But it's all good
because the members here are keeping us on our feet!

We had a member appointment with a part member family and they made us
some pretty boss sushi!! We were a little worried because we pictured
sushi from a German not being very good, but we were dead wrong! We
had an awesome lesson and left the spirit in the home! After that we
got a ride home in the dads mercedes benz! Man I need a fast car one

Anyways I'd love to leave my testimony with you all that I simply know
that our Savior lives and loves us each personally! He is our older
brother and literally gave His life for us! He is and was perfect, and
so is His example. I hope we can all try to be like Him more and more
everyday by using the power of the Atonement! I hope everyone has a
good week!

Elder Rogers

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