Monday, October 17, 2016

Freaking huge triangle

Well I'll be dead honest this week was really fast and sadly we didn't
see the success we wanted from the week. We got to go on a split with
the Herne elders and I got to go to Herne with Elder Kenley the
district leader! It was a little crazy but way fun! We had a German
class with some investigators and others then after we had a lesson
with a recent convert and talked about serving others! It was very
spiritual and the recent convert is definitely on the path to Christ!
Everything just makes sense to him it's great!

Anyways in Gelsenkirchen we did a ton of go by's on less active
members and sadly they either didn't answer or had no interest! It
makes me so mad that someone can be baptized and then years later just
give it up for some dumb cigarette or whatever. But we have free
agency and can't change anyone's so it is what it is.

Well today we arent doing anything crazy, but during the week we were
finding in the area of a triangle thingy that you can climb into!!
I'll send pictures so it makes sense! Haha this week was honestly
really fun, but was really just a lot of inside jokes and things you
just had to be there for! That's a bummer about the mission, it's to
hard to explain the stuff that happens!! I hope everyone has a great
fetchin' week!!

Elder Rogers

Von meinem iPad gesendet.

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