Monday, October 10, 2016

Just another week at the office!

Well I be pretty honest it was another solid week in the Gelsenkirchen
hood! We had a bunch of member and recent convert lessons, but sadly
our only investigator in the moment is out of town till the end of
this week.

One thing that was pretty wild is when we did our weekly planning on
Friday we set a goal to have two new investigators and two referrals
received. Well come to find out at church yesterday, the bishops
sister came up and told us that she has two coworkers that have
interest. So if things happen to work out with these homies then boom
that's two goals achieved! Hahaha! But missions aren't about the
numbers, in reality it's about "helping others come closer to Christ!"
It's not whoever reactivates or baptizes the most people win in the
after life, it's the little things that turn into big things later
down the road or in the near future!

For something funny this week, we went out to a city clear out in the
middle of no where to go by on an inactive. Well we didn't realize how
far he was till we pulled up the map and he was almost 3 miles away
from our bus stop. We were probably just under half way before we
turned around and came back! Haha it was a real bummer but the walk
was pretty cool and we only got to talk to about 3 people the whole
way! Haha!

Well sorry for the short lame email this week! I worry about putting
everything into my weekly because I don't want it to end up in the
ensign! Hahaha I'm totally joking! I hope everyone has a schön and süß
week! (Gleichseitig) haha!

Elder Rogers

Von meinem iPad gesendet.
our long walk in the middle of no where
my Aussie comp and I throw' food down!
our district and zone leaders

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