Monday, October 24, 2016

Fetchin' JW's

This week was pretty fast!! I can't believe that there are only two
more weeks in the transfer! And I can't believe that I hit my 6 month
mark this past week! Time seriously does fly when you stop looking at
the clock!! Hahaha!

Well this week was crazy, but we are finally seeing some success from
our hard work! We finally get to meet with a potential tomorrow and we
are way excited! Hopefully the best works out with this guy. Also we
had some really good appointments with some recent converts and we
helped them to set some really good goals to quit smoking!

On Saturday we had a street display with the district. It was pretty
cold, but we got a bunch of potentials out of it! It was also the
first one I've been to that had JW's at a stand on one side of us and
on the other side was Muslims and their stand. Haha and it made it way
fun, because all they can do is stand there and only talk to people if
the person comes to them. But as missionaries for the TRUE church, we
can talk to people when we want, how we want, and where we want! So
just to make fun of the others, we first and got a book from the
Muslims (the Quaran, because they are cool not gunna lie) then we
started contacting people right in front of their stands! Haha the
Muslims didn't care, but the JW's kept moving! Haha I guess that's
what happens when you have 19 year old boys as missionaries haha!

Anyways, we also had zone training on Tuesday so I'll send pictures of
that, the video is from that too and it was a little lesson we did
about how Christ will put us on his back and carry us. I testify that
He will and He quite does daily! This church is the true church
people, it just makes sense. Its so simple but insanely powerful,
which is how it should be. God is there and hears each one of our
prayers, we can never waste His time because we are His children! His
love for us is imaginable. I hope everyone has an awesome week!!

Elder Rogers

Von meinem iPad gesendet.
Zone training

The zone

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