Monday, September 5, 2016

The German Shepard guard dog

Moin moin!!

Well this week was a whole ton better then the last one! To begin
with, the Lord totally pulled through (as always) and we were blessed
a ton! We ended up calling the town that took our cards and the funny
thing is is that they were waiting for us to call them! They were
really nice and they told us that our money would be returned and we
would get new cards! But the best news is that they fired the bus
driver... Just kidding that's messed up! Haha they really didn't fire
him, he was just a little confused. Anyways we were very grateful for
that for sure!

But even better after that we went to a members house and he wasn't
home, but as we left his door he was walking up the street! So we went
in to his apartment and shared a spiritual thought with him. He then
told us that he had a tough weekend and has been reading in the Book
of Mormon and praying sincerely. He then said that today he was able
to accomplish the things he had prayed for, and that we were waiting
for him at his apartment. He told us that he knows that none of it was
some coincident and that it was all the Lords hand in his life. I too
testify that there is no such thing as coincidences when it comes to
the Lord and Him answering our prayers and giving us comfort. He is
capable of everything and anything, He is all knowing and all thanks
go to Him and the people that act as an instrument in His hand.

Well just to end with a funny thing this week. Yesterday after church
we went by on a couple less active members. One of them we went by
had a really scary looking house and when we were about to walk
through the gate to knock on his door, we noticed a huge German
Shepard laying down on his side asleep looking away from us. At first
we stopped and were scared at of our minds! Then we made a plan. We
decided to leave the gate open and slowly walk up past the dog, if he
woke up we would run out the gate shutting it so the dog couldn't
chase us. We started walking towards the dog and we noticed his ear
twitched and we were out of that gate soooo fast! We slammed it on the
way but also noticed that he wasn't awake. Because we slammed the
gate the less active heard the noise and came outside. They noticed
who we were and asked if we were scared of the dog. We were ashamed to
admit it, but we said yes while looking at the ground. Haha we didn't
get to meet with the less active but it had to of been pretty funny
for any neighbors watching! Haha

Hope only the best for everyone this week!

Elder Rogers

Von meinem iPad gesendet.

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