Monday, September 26, 2016


Well a wise man once told me to be careful when transfers come around because whatever you want the Lord will give you the opposite. Which is so true! I found out that I'll be going to Gelsenkirchen tomorrow and I'm kinda excited, but at the same time not really!! Hahaha! I've gotten so close to some members here, and the district, and the zone leaders. I'm definitely going to miss it all. I've only heard good things about the area and the new comp so I'm excited. I'll actually be sending my new comp home because this is his last transfer! I can't wait to learn from this old homie! Haha! I'm honestly going to miss Elder Morley as well! I'm bummed we only got one transfer together, but the Lord knows what's up.

Actually that wise man I just mentioned I'd like to bring up again because he played a huge part in my last week!! He has been here since I've got here and has always had awesome advice for me and the rest of our district/zone, i just have a ton of respect for this guy! On Friday Elder Morley and I were able to go on a split with two of the coolest Elders I've met so far on my mission. Well come to find out I was going on this Elders last split and he came to Mannheim where we served earlier in the mission. We ended up going by on 3 members that night so we were really busy getting places and they all went a little later then usual, but they were amazing!

The first lesson was with my favorite member and my split companions favorite as well. We had amazing lasagna and even better ice cream. The coolest thing about this lesson is that the member was inactive when my split comp was here and he eventually reactivated him, and I've just been helping him stay on the path!

After that we were going over to another member family that we both didn't really know that well so we were a little nervous about how it was going to be. Well we got there and the family was all gone except for one of the sons who is actually our ward mission leader. We had a great lesson about charity and my split comp and I both asked some really inspired questions. The Spirit was booming in that house.

After that we got back to the apartment for a little bit and headed back out to the third family. They are an older couple and the wife is from Africa but speaks perfect German and her husband is completely German (and can cook!!!!!). We got there and as we were waiting for the food to be done the sisters walked in and we were both way confused. But it was a great dinner and lesson and it wasn't to bad! Haha!

Anyways it's a bummer that I have to leave but I know that I'm needed in Gelsenkirchen! I also know for a fact that the Lord puts us all in the right places at the right time, if we will constantly asking in prayer if He can put us in the right places at the right times. I love Mannheim but I know that I'm in the best mission in the world so I'll also love every other place I go! Haha!

Elder Rogers

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