Monday, September 19, 2016

Fall outs on fall outs

Well this week was pretty good! We had a lot of appointments set up to
meet with potential investigators, but sadly they all fell out! We did
a lot of finding and had awesome member appointments. This is the last
week of the transfer already and I'm just starting to be comfortable
with the members, which means I'm probably outta here. Haha I hope
not!! Oh and I finally got asked to speak next Sunday, and I'm
actually pretty excited, even if it's in German haha!

On Wednesday we got a call from a member that wanted to meet with us
so we set a meeting for Friday. We had an awesome lesson with him and
only had a little ice cream that was amazing! He is honestly my
favorite person since I ever left my family at the curb! Haha he
always makes me feel so much better and I always leave feeling happy
to be out here.

 But on the same day we got another call from a former investigator
that was taught all the lessons and set a baptism date, but for some
reason wasn't baptized. Well he told us to come over to his house on
Thursday morning at 9 for breakfast and that's all. We were so
excited! Well Thursday morning we get there and started just talking
and getting to know him, because we both didn't know each other, then
we started talking about church stuff. Well we found out that he is a
part of some cult, but he believes in Joseph Smith and the Book of
Mormon and all that. His Book of Mormon is marked up a ton and he
knows a lot about the church. We are meeting with him this week and
hope to let the Spirit hit him hard!! Haha!

Anyways besides that we are going to a zoo in Heidelburg today, to be
honest I've never heard of zoo's in Germany so it's going to be
interesting! Something funny that happened this week was on Monday we
got our comp item and I'll just send some pictures, because words
can't explain how swaggin' this item is! Haha have a good week!!

Elder Rogers

Von meinem iPad gesendet.

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