Monday, August 29, 2016

Freaking bus drivers

Well this week was definitely a learning lesson for sure!! The Lord
definitely throws trials and challenges our way and sees how we are
going to take them. This week was a perfect example for that.

On Tuesday we went to a town outside of Mannheim called Veirnheim.
It's not tiny but not big enough to be a city. Anyways we did service
for a member there and when it came time to leave we took a bus back
to the tram stop because it's a long walk from her house. Well the bus
pulled up and we showed the driver our year cards (these just allow us
to go anywhere on a tram and bus and last for a year, just so you know
they were not expired!). Well the driver said they were old and he
took them and wouldn't give them back. So we got off the bus and he
drove off. So we walked to the tram stop and bought a ticket to get us
back to our apartment. We found out a couple days later that our cards
weren't expired and the bus driver pretty much stole them.

And it goes on! The next day we totally forgot that we didn't have our
cards anymore but we had places to go so we were riding the tram all
day. When it came time to come home we were about to get off on our
stop and there just happened to be a guy checking people for travel
cards. We obviously didn't have them and were fined for it. So we went
to the company building and tried to get out of paying because of the
situation with the bus driver. Anyways long story short we still don't
have our cards back and have spent quite a bit of money on a daily
ticket to ride the trams.

So when all of this was happening I was thinking that because of all
of this we were going to be blessed with that golden investigator that
leads into an easy but powerful baptism. I was completely wrong. I
realized that because we were going through this trial we weren't
going to get something we wanted from the Lord, rather He was humbling
us and helping us to see how much He has done for us. I realized that
this trial may have sucked and is still not over, but we have grown
from it just as much if not more then any other trial.

So I hope everyone is looking at the best side of the trials and not
beating themselves up! Just always turn to the Lord in thanks, we have
no idea how much he has done for us!

Elder Rogers

Von meinem iPad gesendet.

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