Monday, August 22, 2016

Too much fire for Germany to handle!

Well this week was pretty good! We had transfers and now Elder Morley
is at the Mannheim hood! Haha this dude is way sweet! He is a lot like
me it's crazy! And he only has a couple transfers left so it feels
like I'm getting trained again! Haha but let me tell ya, nothing on
Elder Stiles at all, but I loooove not being trained anymore! It's so
nice! I feel like a real missionary now! Haha!

Anyways we did a lot of finding this week and go by's in inactive and
less active members! No one answered their doors to talk and a couple
did answer but didn't want to talk! Haha it's all good though because
what makes you successful as a missionary is trying!

Church was way awesome and I'm loving the members more and more
everyday! We only had one member appointment this week and it was with
my favorite member Saša! We went to his house on Saturday just to
surprise him and I felt bad because he was trying to make us a cake
real quick! He is seriously the coolest guy I've met here. Anyways we
decided to share the story in Matthew chapter 14 when Jesus walks on
water and helps Peter up. We had just read the scripture and were
about to get to the punch line in our little spiritual thought. Then
out of no where his kitchen had flames shooting out of it and the
kitchen was just bright red!!!! Come to find out, the cake had baked
just a little too long and he was baking it on top of the stove in a
pot!!! Hahahah! He threw a soakin' wet towel over it and it just
puffed smoke everywhere!! His fire alarms just started going crazy!
Eventually it settled down and we got back to our chairs. The spirit
was still a little there but it was nearly impossible to get the
spiritual thought back onto track. We finished it and talked with him
some more, then left. It was definitely crazy and it was good to see
Saša just laugh about it! I absolutely love this guy!

Anyways just to wrap this up, I'd like to talk about Jesus on the
water real quick like we did with Saša. I always knew the story but
never really did any real thinking on it. Often the first thing
we think about when we think of Peter was him denying knowing Christ
three times. I think it is very interesting that out of all the
Apostles, Peter was the  only one that was willing to try to walk out
to Christ. Just the word "try" is good enough for our Savior and
Redeemers atoning sacrifice. It's not taking the easy route, it's not
cheating the Savior of His eternal love. When we try we should be
completely giving our all, that is when our perfect example, Jesus
Christ, will "lift us out of the depths of the sea" so to say. I know
that His grace is sufficient for everyone and I am so very grateful
and I also KNOW that He gave His life for us each personally. We
always need to be doing our best and giving our all, but as long as we
are trying to do better He will ALWAYS be there. Never ever doubt the
power of the Atonement.

Till next week!!

Elder Rogers

Von meinem iPad gesendet.

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