Monday, August 1, 2016

Moin moin!!!

What is up!!!!

Just so you all know, "moin moin" is something some Germans say
instead good morning and it sounds hilarious!! Anyways, this week
ended a lot better then it started so that is always good! At the
beginning of the week I was just real fed up with people telling me
they can't understand me cuz of my freaking accent. I wanted to knock
a guy out that asked why I was speaking English. But I'm a missionary
so I love him! Haha sometimes you just have to say it even if you
don't mean it! Haha!

Anyways we stayed really busy going by on inactive members and finding
people. We finally got to meet with Ali!! We had a member come with us
and he helped out a ton! We got him to commit to keeping the word of
wisdom for at least 4 weeks and he stayed he will read 2 pages at
least out of the Book of Mormon everyday. We also told him that if he
asked the Lord for help then there is no way he won't be able to do
it. I hope he can stick to it and can see the blessings!! Also a guy
from Egypt stopped us on his bike, pulled out one of our cards and
told us he doesn't know how to get to our church. We told him and he
showed up!? It was crazy! He speaks a little German and the whole time
at church he kept asking us about marriage. I think at first he liked
our church because of the whole plural marriage thingy, after we told
him we can only have one wife now he looked a little bummed, but he
didn't leave!! Haha! There is a catch to this guy though, he doesn't
live in our area but comes to our church because he won't have to pay
for a train ticket ever Sunday. Plus he could be a refugee so if
that's the case we can't teach him at all. So even if we can teach him
we can't! Haha it's all good someone else will hopefully baptize him.

Another awesome thing happened when we went by on an inactive member.
No one in our ward has ever heard of him, but he said he wants to come
back to church! We are way happy for him! Other then that it was a
pretty normal week, we had lunch with a member family and they are way
awesome! We have been there once already but it's just an older couple
and they are really nice! I got a picture with them but it's a little
awkward because I didn't know where or how to stand! It's all good.

I can't really think of anything funny at the moment so I'm just going
to wrap this puppy up talking about the power of prayer!! Sometimes I
feel like I pray for something I need to happen over and over and
eventually for some reason I forget about its importance but still
bring it up in prayers here and there. And then Heavenly Father
follows through like always! I'm very grateful for the blessings that
my family and friends get at home. A big thing that helps to keep me
going is that yeah even if I'm struggling everyday, everyone at home
is getting blessed and our future families will be blessed! So keep it
goin and simply pray! Never forget or overthink the power of prayer.
Love you guys tons!

Elder Rogers

Von meinem iPad gesendet.

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