Monday, July 25, 2016

President Stoddard and Summer fests!

This week was a little stressful but it's all good because we got to
meet with president! We had zone training on Friday and President
Stoddard was there. We learned a lot about studying and how to apply
it better, then after that we got to have our one on one interviews
with President. He is one of the coolest guys I've met. Not talking
down his position in the church because I respect this man a ton! But
I love talking to him because he is so chill and is just another
person! He doesn't make you feel all nervous because his position in
the church is a pretty big deal, he just helps you relax and it feels
like I was just talking to a friend. Just a really mature friend haha!

After our interviews, Elder Stiles and I went on splits with our zone
leaders, Elder Fultz and Elder Moore from Heidelberg. Elder Fultz and
Stiles went to Heidelberg and I had the awesome chance of being a
"host" in my area with Elder Moore. Elder Moore is such a stud, he
only has about 4ish months left so he is a lot more experienced with
me but he always has the best compliments and is always relaxed when
we talked to people. I learned a ton being able to split with him.

Then after we split back on Saturday afternoon, we had a ward summer
fest. It's kind of just this thing a lot of wards in Germany do every
summer. They just cook food, make up games for kids, and everyone
brings a friend. Little does the friend know is that the missionaries
will be there and we always on the hunt for some new
meat/investigators. Hahaha! But that was way fun and quite a few
people were there.

Before I finish I just really wanted to express my love for the
Savior, Jesus Christ. At times I'll be thinking why our investigators
don't work out or why we can't seem to get any new ones. But then I
realize that it's not about the numbers. Yes we are bringing people to
the waters of baptism through Christ, but my love and appreciation for
the Savior has increased so much! And if no one I talk to wants to
feel His love, then fine I'll just get closer to his always open arms
while I keep trying. So I encourage everyone this week to lift your
heads up, but not high enough were it makes you become arrogant, and
try to help other people come unto Christ. I promise you that as you
do this, you yourself will come unto Christ more then you would have
ever guessed. I love the Savior, He is my best friend and I will be
forever grateful and in debt to his Atoning sacrifice for the world. I
look up to Him and His example more then anyone, His influence on me
is huge and is only getting stronger. I know that everyone needs to
feel His love and when they do they won't be able to let go of His
forever outstretched hand, that carries us to show how much He
loves each and everyone of us.

I hope everyone had a good week and will have another good one! You
are all awesome!!!

Elder Rogers

Von meinem iPad gesendet.

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