Monday, July 18, 2016

Finding, finding, finding

This week was definitely up and down but the ups were way better then
the downs!! Even though transfers aren't even for another 4 weeks I'm
definitely going to miss my companion, Elder Stiles a ton!! Me and him
have gotten along since day one and it has been a very answered
prayer! I'm already stressing for the next comp!! Haha but I know the
Lord will pair me up with who he knows I need to be, and I know I will
learn from him as I have Elder Stiles.

So our investigator Ali wasn't in town this whole week so we never got
to meet up with him. We were way bummed because he said he wanted to
have is over for dinner. He is also trying to start a business so he
is very busy as it is. Plus when he isn't very open to what we are
telling him and just won't read the Book of Mormon it makes it tough
to bring him to the font!! Haha but it's alright because we found some
great potentials this week and are looking forward to meeting with
them next week.

One pretty cool thing this week was actually yesterday at church! One
of the councilors asked Elder Stiles if he could give the opening
prayer and he said ok sure! He thought that he said to pass the
sacrament but I told him that he is definitely saying the prayer.
Before he went to sit up at the front for the sacrament I told him
that if he is wrong and i am right then he has to talk to every girl
that we contact on the streets, and if he was right and I was wrong
then same for me. So he sat up at the front before the meeting began
and a guy walked in that normally passes, saw Elder Stiles sitting
there and was really confused. At that time I knew that I had won!!
Haha then when they announced who was saying the opening prayer they
confirmed that my trainer was no better then me.... Well as far as
being in sacrament. So sucks for him, he had to pass the sacrament,
say the opening prayer, AND talk to every girl on the street. Hahaha!

On a more serious note, I feel like that little experience can be used
for bigger things. We should never feel like we are able to do
anything or aren't in the high enough authority to tell someone they
are doing something wrong. But at the same time we should respect the
people that are higher then us and always tell them uplifting stuff
that can help them in a humble way, and never in a way that is rude
and won't get them anywhere except for mad at you. I have found out a
lot this week about how big humility is to the Lord and how it is a
huge Christlike attribute. I know that as we are always humble and
always making it known that the Holy Ghost and the all merciful Lord
are the ones that are putting us in the right places at the right
time. I know that humility will always be something we always need to
work on, but I also know that this isn't our mission, it's the Lords.

We are serving him for 2 years our 18 months and we are representing
his perfect Son, Jesus Christ. Now that doesn't mean that we are
perfect at all nor will we ever be, but that means that we need to
always try to be that example to others. And that doesn't just go for
all my fellow missionaries, it goes for everyone before the mission
and everyone after.

Everyone has a part in this church. The only difference between
missionaries and just simply members is that we are set apart. But the
thing we have alike is that we can always help people with the help of
the Holy Ghost. Always be listening for that still small voice!!! Hope
everyone has a great week!!!

Elder Rogers

Von meinem iPad gesendet.

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