Monday, July 4, 2016

Ronny and too much food

This week was crazy!! My comp and I had another great one! We had
transfer calls Saturday and my comp was made District Leader and
could've been transferred out, but thankfully he will be staying! I
can't believe how much I look up to this guy and how much I've opened
up to him! It's gunna be a true bummer when he heads out! But this
week was great, no pigeons flew into my head this time!

So this week to start off, Ali has been really improving. We talked
about tithing and fasting and he is all good about that. For some
reason he just won't give us an answer for a baptismal date, but we
told him he has to this week! Haha! But we also told him that we will
have him prepared before he is baptized haha! He just has a little
issue with his e cigarette and coffee, but he can get over those

We also went on splits with elders from Worms again and this time I
was with Elder Freeland! He is way awesome, he has 6 months ish left
so he is real comfortable with the language but we found a strong
potential on the streets named Frank!! Then later that night we were
calling some potentials on the phone. We were calling for an hour,
about 45 minutes into it a guy named Ronny answered and I told him our
whole introduction and asked if he was interested. He replied yes I'm
very interested! I didn't know what to say because no one has ever
said that!! Haha! Then to make sure he was in my city Mannheim I asked
him were he was living and he said Worms... Elder Freeland almost
jumped out of his seat when he heard that and so he got lucky with a
really strong potential. But that's alright because we are all into
this together as one mission!!!

So we met with a couple member for dinner and lunches. One of the
members we met with was Sasha. And this guy fed the crap outta us!! He
made mashed potatoes and fried chicken, and we drank apple juice. And
he made us eat every last bit! I was trying so hard to out that food
down! Oh and for everyone (dad) who thinks I'm going to come home
looking like 2 Elder Rogers, I have picture evidence that I just got
out of the big 190's!! So there's that! Haha!

Anyways just to wrap this stuff up! I was lookin back in my planner
for the first transfer and I saw that I had set a daily goal for us to
teach 8 lessons and get 7 new investigators. I don't remember why I
did because we only went finding for 2 hours that whole day!! Haha
anything could have happened and we had the faith but we just didn't
have the time. Then I got reading other friends emails from other
countries, and they already have baptisms!! I got thinking, what the
heck this is a joke! Germans are so hard hearted! Haha but then I
realized it's not about the numbers, it's about helping others.
Sometimes that means families and families and sometimes that means
only a couple people if you get them. But I now that to be a
"successful" missionary is when we have truly converted ourselves in
the work of converting others! I also know that we can always do
missionary work when we aren't even on a mission! Member play a huge
part in tons of stuff and I hope that everyone at home can always help
everyone they run into!! And look up a talk by Elder M. Russel Ballard
in 1984 titled "Write down a date."

Much love!!
Happy freakin American day!!🇺🇸

-Elder Rogers

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