Monday, June 27, 2016

Nature, Doug, and Sasha

This week was a fast one but a good one!! We were way busy and some
awesome things came out of our hard work! We are trying our best to be
obedient and always making sure we talk to everyone we can.

The first crazy thing this week was on Tuesday when we were out
contacting at a strip mall kind of place, but we were outside the
whole time. We were walking and this bee started flying right in front
of my face! So I just swatted at it, right when I did I saw a black
thing in the corner of my eye taking off of the ground. I turned and
this pigeon flew right into my head!! Haha I don't know what it was
that day but nature was just out to get me for some reason.

Later that afternoon, we visited a guy named Doug. He is a non-member
that lives with his wife close to our apartment. He grew up a baptist
but around his teens he became LDS. He said one day he was in the
bathroom and he could hear a voice telling him to go on a mission. He
said he heard it three times and then he just finally said ok I'll go
geez! Haha he said he knew nothing about the church except for the
basics from the missionaries. So he began to be active and started
learning at church and preparing for a mission. He served in Eugene
Oregon, then came home and joined the army reserves. The army moved
him to Germany and he isn't in the army anymore but he has been here
for 16 years so it's just became home to him. Plus he met his wife
here, she's a non member so after they got married he just fell away
slowly. He has a huge testimony and is still doing missionary work! He
has been talking with a co-worker that is a baptist and he has gotten
him very interested.

On Thursday we met with a member and his name is Sasha. He is probably
one of the coolest guys I've ever met! He has been a member for about
10 years now and was reactivated just before I got here. Oh and just
so you know, Germans don't believe in air conditioning for some
reason, and Thursday and Friday were some hot freaking days! We were
dying in Sasha's apartment it was terrible. The humidity just hits you
like a wall, but at least it's not like that everyday... Yet. Anyways
we were talking about the relationship between fathers and sons with
Sasha. He has a son that hasn't liked him ever since he joined the
church, and he really wants to be a bigger part of his life. Before we
began our lesson he asked us if we were perfect, of course we said no.
Then he asked us why, I said well there is a huge list but the reason
why we won't be perfect is because we sin. Then he said if you know
your not perfect because you keep sinning, then why do you keep
sinning. It was a huge teaching moment, it really made me think about
how I need to step it up. I also learned that we are humans and that
we will only be perfect at one thing in this life and that is trying
to be perfect. I've learned personally that as long as we are
sincerely giving it our personal best we will be great in the sight of

Also on Friday we met with Ali and got through the big topics and we
were planned on setting a baptismal date officially then, but he told
us he will let us know on Sunday. Well Sunday came and he was sick. So
we will find out this week for sure. Pray for him if you can, even if
you have never met him I promise it will help.

Well that just about sums up the week! Hope everyone had a good one!
Till next week.

-Elder Rogers

P.S. In the video I found out my pockets could fit a liter each of
milk in them! Hahaha!!

Von meinem iPad gesendet.

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