Monday, June 6, 2016

Mine gutte!!!

Hello my lovely mother!!!!!!

Mine gutte!!! life as a missionary ain't like any other life!! Especially when your 8 hours ahead the life you used to live!!

I'll be completely honest, this definitely isn't like the mtc and actually there just really isn't a thing that the mtc could do to get someone ready for a mission. I think that the purpose of the mtc for me was just to separate me from my family and the mission field, and maybe just a warm up for the field. But there are things that happen in the field that are just not possible in the mtc. I don't think I've ever been so stressed out in my entire life and just when you think that life is good then you start to think about everything and life "sucks" again.

Anyways life has been really good here. We are in a city called Mannheim and its way awesome! It's just below Frankfurt so it's easy to find on a map. The first couple days sucked so bad but my trainer is a way awesome guy and is way smart so I got lucky. It's only been a week and I feel like I have known him forever! But the food here is amazing!! I could eat anything and surprisingly there is a sushi joint right outside our apartment!! But we are poor missionaries so I'll probably never partake of that stuff. Hahaha! The weather here is like a girl trying to make up her mind. One second it's so hot and humid then the next it's raining like crazy! Oh and the thunder is sooo sick here because it goes off and you can hear it forever!! I'll send you a little video of the Lightning we had last night. Oh and last night was soooo sick!!! Me and Elder Stiles (my trainer from meridian Idaho) decided to have pizza on every Friday and Sunday night. But on Sunday we have pizza, make brownies, watch a "movie", and make kool-aid!! Haha so last night was pretty sweet!! Also church in German is so weird! Especially if you don't understand! Haha! But the German is going good, I'm not worrying about it because I won't ever be fluent I'll just speak better German as the days go on.

But yeah besides that everything is good and I can't wait to open that present on Friday!! Oh and the packages go to the mission home but you'll want to send the letters to our address which is:

Elder Rogers
68161 Mannheim, Germany

Thank you so much for emailing me and being the best mom in the whole world!!! You are seriously the best and I am so lucky to be one of your sons! Although at times I think that I'll never be good enough at speaking German or spreadin the Lord's word, i know that if I try my best then the Lord will ALWAYS help me out. And I hope that I can always make you guys proud. I love you so much mom!!!

-Elder Rogers

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