Monday, June 6, 2016

Holy crap!!!!!‏

Well It's been a pretty crazy week here in freaking Germany! This
place is so crazy and I'm lucky to have an awesome trainer too, Elder
Stiles. He knows a ton about the town we are in (Mannheim), and it
seams like he knows the language way good! We have already had some
great times together and will have many to come. The weather will
definitely take some getting used to. It seams to be humid like crazy
and then it just starts to rain outta no where!! But it's all good
because the thunder just goes forever when it goes off.

So the flight here wasn't too bad, it was definitely long as crap but
we eventually made it!! Mission life is so different than anything
I've ever done and I'll be honest when I first got here I was wishing
I was just a tourist but the Lord is my guide on this 2 YEAR TRIP and
has different plans so it's all good.

So when we were on the plane ride from Atlanta to Frankfurt, me and
another Elder were asked if we were in a band and how long we were
going to be in Frankfurt. We told the lady that we aren't a band and
are going to be in Germany for 2 years. She was so superised but you
could see it click in her head when she walked off real fast. We
didn't even ask her if she had heard of us and she was gone! And that
isn't where it stopped. The first day we got to Germany we went to the
mission home to have lunch and talk about some things. We then spilt
up into three groups. One was learning about finance and cars and
stuff, another was watching a safety video/interviewing with the
president, and the last group was going out to the real world and
bringing people unto Christ. Or in other words, trying to talk to
people that just don't even care about what you have to say. Hahaha it
sucked. But it was a taste of what will happen for the next 2 years.

After that was all over we met our trainers, went to a hotel for the
night, and crashed! Best sleep of my life. Then we woke up the next
day and ran to the apartment! No kidding, my freakin trainer was
running through the streets with one of my bags and I was tryin so
hard to keep up with my other bag! Haha it sucked! Actually that whole
day sucked just to be honest. Haha! After that we just started getting
into the groove of studying every morning and other stuff throughout
the day. The mission can be hard, but in my opinion the mission is
just different levels of stress all of the time!

I know that the mission is supposed to help us grow in many many
different ways and i also know it's already changed me and it's only
been a week! I'm so very grateful to be here, I'm very blessed to have
all the stuff I have. I'm even more blessed to have an amazing trainer
that doesn't push me too hard but just enough and understands
everything I'm going through. Also, I'm insanely blessed to have the
Lord and the Holy Ghost to be my earth life trainer. And I know that
they are also everyone else's. Although I'm only a week into my
mission and know just about nothing about the language, I know that if
I give my all to the Lord then He will always be there and I will have
a successful mission/life. I know that can be applied into everyone's
life who hasn't been a full time missionary yet or has already been

-Elder Rogers

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