Monday, June 13, 2016

Birthdays, crazy old guys, and a grandma that's a bro‏

 Well this week has been packed full of stuff and a lot better then the
last!! The language is slowly but recognizably getting better!! My
trainer is teaching me new things every day and it helps a ton that he
is so obedient! If I didn't say last week his name is Elder Stiles and
he is from Idaho, and that's about it... Haha just kidding he is a
stud! He has been out for a year this week and it makes me really
jealous but I know that he would rather be in my spot and I'll be
saying that at my year mark.

So this week we had dinner at a members house which was way fun! At
first I thought that it was just going to be me, Elder Stiles, the
member Oma Broo (and yes that is grandma bro and she is a total bro!),
and her two sons. But it was Oma Broo's birthday so her whole family
and then some were over!! I was way nervous but it was all good
because they fed us some really good noodle salad with pickles and ham
in it with 50 bratwurst!! I learned a huge lesson that day: eat slow
or they will think you want more. Hahaha. I probably ate about 5
bratwursts that night. But they didn't come back up. The funny thing
about that little visit was that one of her sons was giving me so much
crap hahaha! He would say something in German and I would have no idea
what it was, then he would just say "Gel Elder Rogers?" Which pretty
much means, "Right Elder Rogers?" I would just say "Ya" and everyone
would laugh! Haha! So when we were finished with dinner we had a tiny
lesson about being an example and after my trainer gave the whole
lesson, that guy just turned to me and said, "Gel Elder Rogers?"

Another pretty cool thing that has no miracle or anything to go with
was that I have a picture of my first door!! Haha here you don't knock
on doors you ring a doorbell in a way but so many people live in
apartments it's just called a cringle or cringling! Haha but when you
see a door in my email you'll know what it's for.

So the last thing was that me and my companion got to go on splits
with the zone leaders on Thursday/Friday! I got to go to the area that
the ZL's live in which is Heidelburg and it is way beautiful!! I'll
put some sweet picks in. But we went on a hike through these hills and
the view was amazing. Also I had my first birthday half in Heidelburg
and half I'm Mannheim so that was great! Sadly you don't get a break
from being a missionary even for your birthday. But it's actually all
good because we met some crazy old guys that night. And when I was
crazy I mean like they are totally lost. One was talking about his
trip to Kolob so that's cool.

Anyways that's about all this week! I just want you guys, especially
my fellow missionaries, that no matter how much stress you go through
everyday just remember that it will strengthen you a ton and that you
look back on it one day and go wow I can't believe I was stressed out.
Plus if your not stressing even a tiny bit your dead!! Hope you have a
good week!

Von meinem iPad gesendet.

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