Thursday, June 1, 2017


This week was great!! I got the call to be transferred, and so did my
comp, Elder Bahr! We came in together and now we are leaving together.
I'm pretty upset about it, I don't like how we came in for 12 weeks,
built relationships with new people, and now we are leaving all that!
They needed to close down one of the elder apartments in Cologne so
the other Elders moved into ours. I am way bummed to not be in Cologne
anymore, I really did love that city, but the city I am in now is
great! It's called Ramstein and it is a lot smaller than Cologne for
sure, but it's an awesome city! The coolest thing about this city is
that there is a military base! So there are Americans everywhere here!
It just feels like I'm in America, which is super weird to adjust to!
I'm just so used to German people and not hearing English all the
time, but I think I'll adjust ok!

Not a lot happened after Elder Bahr and I got our transfer calls. We
had to clean the whole apartment and pack everything so we were
hustling to get it all done by Tuesday! On Monday night we had an
awesome appointment with our favorite members! They made great food
and we were able to feel the Spirit with them in their home. Last
appointments are awesome but suck way bad! It's even more weird when
both you and your comp leave! Traveling was pretty tough in Tuesday,
but I made it and I'm very grateful to be working with Elder Robinson
in Ramstein!

Yesterday we had an awesome chance to go by on a couple investigators
with a member! All of the investigators were women so we brought the
member so it was all good! Sadly not to many of them answered, but we
were able to sit down with one of the investigators and chat for a
little bit. She had to leave soon, but she was really nice and it was
awesome to hear her answer when we asked her about the Book of Mormon.
She said she really likes it and is excited to learn more, she said
that it just makes sense to have the Bible and the Book of Mormon

Later that night we had institute and it was awesome! The members here
are super cool and I'm glad to be able to meet them! I'm very grateful
for this church! I know that wherever we go, whether that's a small
German ward or a huge American ward in Germany, the church is the
same! It's true everywhere you go and I'm so grateful to be sharing
that with the people here! Hope everyone has a great week!

Elder Rogers
Farewell pic

Pic with Akbar
Photo credit: Elder Bahr

Before we left

Last dinner appointment

Comp pic

The Dome

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