Thursday, June 8, 2017

Planes and Tattoos

This week was awesome! Ramstein definitely takes a little while to get
used to, but now that I'm warming up to the ward and getting to know
the area more it's been going way good! We also have some sweet
mountain bikes that I am always down to ride, I'm just a bit sick of
walking everywhere! And the buses here are crazy! I never know when
they are coming or leaving or even going!! I'm excited to figure that
out though.

As far as the week goes! I'll just hit the highlights so you don't
have to skim through my email to find them! ;) last Saturday we did
service for a non member friend. She was moving just down the street,
and she had soooo much stuff! She rented a big shipping truck to get
it all there and it took us just about three trips! We started at 9
and got done around 5 or 6. it was definitely hard as heck, but soooo
satisfying when we got done! But we finished the night off with some
awesome Chilis! I definitely miss them American restaurants! While at
Chilis we were asked by the Elders Quorum teacher to teach the lesson
in Elders Quorum the next day. And the topic was Service! It was
pretty easy to teach about!

Other than that, we had a pretty funny lesson with one of our
investigators. Last week we shared a scripture with him that he really
liked, it was Mosiah 24:14. which is completely understandable. Well a
couple days ago we met with him and he was excited to tell us that he
got Mosiah 24:14 tattooed onto is left arm! Hahaha! He said he wanted
it tattooed so that we can always just look to his arm for strength.
Hahaha! We didn't say anything about tattooes to him, and he has no
idea that our church is against them, but next time we will break the
news so he doesn't end up getting another scripture on his leg!
Hahaha! He is way awesome though! He is here alone and is with the
airforce, we love meeting with him. He has gone through so much in his
life already and he is only in his mid 20's.

Well that's about all I got for the week! I'm very grateful to be
teaching people and their families about the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
My favorite appointments are the member appointments. There is no
feeling like the feeling you get when you walk into a families home
and the Spirit works through you for them to feel our Heavenly Fathers
love! I'm very very grateful to be a full-time servant of the Lord,
but I know that we can all serve the Lord through the people that we
run into every day! My challenge to you guys is to look for those
small and simple but yet powerful ways to serve people! Have a great

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