Thursday, June 22, 2017

Rides from an African brother

This week was sweet and so was today, which means I'm out of time and
this is going to be short! I also have no pictures this week, my bad
I'm starting to suck way bad at taking pictures. To start off, Elder
Robinson and i were able to meet with a couple of our investigators!
Sadly we only got to make an appointment with our tattooed friend
investigator, he has been so busy with work we haven't been able to
meet. We are going to the beginning of next week though so we are way
excited! He's a great guy. Another investigator is going in for
surgery today so shoot him a prayer if ya could!

Other then that, we were walking home from the institute building one
night and an African man pulled over and offered us a ride! He said he
knew our brothers so we got in. In our car ride he told us that he was
taught by missionaries earlier and used to go to church! Crazy! He was
super cool and lives way close to us!  We aren't sure if we are able
to teach him, but if the other Elders here do then it's all good
because we on the same team!

Well I can't think fast enough to remember more of the week, so I'll
just end it here! I just want to leave a challenge with everyone, the
next time you hear a talk from conference or a lesson at church or
whatever. After you learned and took personal notes from it, think
about how you are going to apply what you learned! For me, I always
forget to think about how I'm going to apply what I learned or look
back on what I wrote down. Do your best to look back on notes and
goals! Have a good week!

Elder Rogers

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