Thursday, June 15, 2017

Zone conference

This week was super great! Our tattooed investigator was to busy to
meet with us so we weren't able to sit down with him, but we were able
to chat on the phone with him and he's still doing great!

We have also biked a ton lately! We went on a five hour bike ride on
Saturday so that we could visit a couple investigators and inactive
members, sadly only a couple people were home and they didn't have any
time. It was still fun though! We talked to a bunch of people and were
able to find a couple people that wanted us to come back!

Yesterday we went to a smaller city looking for a potential named Mr.
Pinero, we had his address so we were excited to meet him. We got to
the address and they didn't answer so we just started knocking doors
down in that town. During that time we accidentally doored into a less
active member, an active member, AND Mr. Pinero!! Hahaha it was crazy!
And kind of embarrassing because we didn't know the less active member
was a member... but Mr. Pinero was so funny! We is really busy with
life right now, but we had a good quick chat at his door and told him
to call us when he had time.

We also had Zone conference this week and it was our last one with
President Stoddard! It's a bummer to see him and Sister Stoddard
heading out. They are amazing people and I am so happy to be able to
get to know them better and to rely on their advice.

Well just to wrap this puppy up I'm very grateful to be in Germany
serving the awesome German people! Elder Robinson and i are doing
great and working hard together! A miracle that i saw this week was
simply being in member homes! I love getting to know the member more
here because our ward is so big! I hope that everyone that invited the
missionaries from the ward over will remember how much they love
visiting with you! Be the best friends you can! We love members!

Everyone have a freakin sick week!

Elder Rogers

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