Monday, January 23, 2017


Well this is going to be a short one because the week was a quick one
with not a lot of stuff that happened! Well, we did have about 9
appointments set up between less active members, active members, and
investigators, but sadly only about 3 or 4 actually happened.

I guess to start off we had Zone training this week! It was way good
and we learned tons about the Book of Mormon! We also got to hear a
couple of sweet leavers testimonies! It's pretty cool to see and hear
from the oldest people on the mission and get their insight on things.

I guess something funny in the week was last pday! We had just got
done with and appointment with our recent convert brotha Michael. We
were walking down the street at night and before he caught his tram we
decided to take a picture! Haha he was all confused and said it
wouldn't work because it's dark outside and he's dark! Hahaha we just
started busting up! I'll send the picture. He definitely is hard to
see unless your looking right at him! Hahaha!

Well besides that, and all the little miracles we have seen this week,
there isn't much more! Just to end, I gave a talk yesterday in church
on temples! I really hope that the ward understood everything I said,
because I love temples!! The fact that we can all be sealed to our
families for time AND all eternity just makes life so much better.
It's still tough though, we stopped an older lady on the street this
last week and asked her what she thinks about eternal life (we didn't
even say that we were missionaries or anything, just the question).
She just gave us the evil eye and walked away. Then she stopped and
asked if she could say something, but she was mad, she then just
started going off on how there is no eternal life because God is
terrible for letting bad things in the world happen. She just turned
around and left without saying anything else.

I can testify, that even though this world may be corrupt and terrible
things happen, because they do, our Heavenly Father sent His Son, Jesus
Christ to save it. I know that is true with my whole heart, without
Him the world would be lost and we would have no chance at eternal
life. Without Him we would have no perfect example to follow. But
because He left His Father, and came to the earth, and took upon each
and everyone of our crosses, and was resurrected three days later. We
too will be resurrected, and perfect, and with our families for the
eternities. I hope and pray that we all realize how huge the Atonement
of Jesus Christ was, without it I would not be the person I am. It
terrifies me to even think of where i would be without the reassuring
feeling of being clean again. This church is so true, and I'm so
blessed to be a part of it, but even more blessed to share it with
those will will listen! I say that in the perfect name of Jesus
Christ, amen.

 Hope everyone has a great week!!

Elder Rogers πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ

Von meinem iPad gesendet.

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