Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy freakin New Years!!! πŸŽ‰

Happy New Years!!! I have to say 2016 was probably the fastest year,
but longest year of my life!! Haha so much happened last year it was
just unreal. It's crazy to think back to a year ago to January 1st
2016 and think what I was doing then. I was probably up in the
mountains shredding some beautiful fresh snow in Utah not worried at
all about what I was in for that year. Well, although it was hard;
physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. It's so weird to
say but it was worth it, and it still is!! I can honestly say that I
am so glad to be where I am, the mission has already taught me sooo
much and it's almost been 9 months.

As far as the week goes though! This week was amazing!!!! So first we
had a great appointment with our investigator that is improving so
well!!! He is so ready to be baptized this Saturday and Elder Moon and
I are going crazy about it too!! We had covered all of the lessons
earlier in the week so when we met with him later in the week we
decided to just talk about his baptism and what goes down. We just
simply asked him if he knew how someone becomes a member of our church
and he explained everything pretty perfectly and then bore testimony
on how he knows he needs to be baptized and how he knows that Joseph
Smith was a Prophet. We were so amazed we had to pick our jaws off the
floor. This guy is so ready it's kind of insane.

Other than that we were able to meet with a less active that has huge
hands... I don't know what that had to do with anything but I just
thought you would like to know. He also is really into archery so this
homie has got tons and tons of bows and arrows in his apartment, super
sick. He is a really good guy and is only less active because he works
soooo much! He said he really wants to get back to church so we are
excited to see him on Sunday.

Ok I gotta say real quick, Germans definitely know how to light off
fireworks, heiligen Kuh. New Year's Eve/day is still my favorite at
home, but this place was going crazy for the new year!!! I'll just
send a video cuz I can only explain it so well. For New Year's Day we
had lunch at a members house and it was probably the best food I've
had in Germany so far. It was just meat and salad, but we cooked it on
something called a Raclette. It's pretty much just a little grill that
you set on the table and you just cook your food right in front of
you. It's pretty much just the coolest manliest thing ever, definitely
getting one for my future man cave.

Well I saved the best thing for last, which is we ate Fufu with our
investigator Michael!! Haha i gotta say it is way different but really
not too bad. In Germany it's expensive to buy African food so when he
told us that we decided to eat all that we could so he'd be happy we
liked it. Haha so we did!! I thought Elder Moon was going to throw
it all up, but he didn't! Haha! The sauce we had with it tasted like a
cow farm, but it felt way cool to eat like an African!! Haha if
reincarnation was true, which it totally isn't so do think I said so,
but if so I would come back as an Afircan because they are the coolest
people on earth!!

Haha anyways I know this church is true and I gladly give you all my
constantly challenged but growing testimony that the right and only
way to return to our Loving Father in heaven is through His perfect
Son, Jesus Christ! It all just makes sense, and I love it how simple
the gospel of Jesus Christ can be if we but just read the holy
scriptures and pray everyday. I wish you all one sweet week and an
even better year!!

Elder Rogers πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ

Von meinem iPad gesendet.
The fufu.

Our swaggin investigator Michael.

The less-actives arrows.

New Years dinner pic

The little grill thingy

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