Monday, January 16, 2017


This week was super sweet!!! I gotta be honest, after Michael was
baptized I thought the blessings were just going to slow down.... I
was wrong!! Never do what I did and think that blessings slow down!
They can either just come as they are or more, they never decrease!
Anyways, to start off I didn't really take any pictures... I know i
suck, but we are going to a castle type thing today for some of our
pday, so I'll get some pictures!

I would definitely have to say the highlight of the week was at the
end. We had a split with our awesome zone leaders from Friday night to
Saturday night. Everything about it was just great! To start off i was
in a big city called Dortmund, and was in one of the coolest
apartments ever. The coolest thing about it is they have heated floor,
which was also kind of a bad thing. Before we went to bed Friday night
we thought it would be sooo sick if we turned up the floor just one
tab so it's nice and warm when we wake up! (Just some background,
Germans don't have carpet for floors... just tiles everywhere). So
that's what we did! Well in the middle of the night i woke up because
it was sooo hot in the room so i tried getting out of bed to turn the
heat down but the floor was so hot I couldn't step on it long enough
to turn the thingy down!! Haha it was like lava in there! I didn't
wanna wake up Elder Passey so I just lied back in bed and dealt with
it. Well morning comes and the floor was walkable so that was good, I
like walkable floor.

Besides the hot floor! It snowed a ton, and what did we do while it
snowed almost the whole day!?!? Talked to cranky Germans on the street
and at their doors. Haha ok they weren't all cranky, but this one
grandma that lived in an apartment told us that only old German women
lived at that apartment so because of that we wouldn't have any
success... hahaha pretty funny, but pretty true. Needles to say we had
no success at that apartment. One really cool experience is that we
went by on this member from El Salvador to ask him if he knew where we
should go to find people. We get there and got up to his apartment
floor and found out that this guy has lived in Germany for quite some
years now and has been studying music. When we got there he had just
got done playing his guitar, so we asked him what his favorite Spanish
song was. He got all excited, whipped that guitar right up onto his
lap and just started going Mexican crazy on his guitar!!! Hahaha at
first it was pretty funny, but he was actually really good. So instead
of laughing we just sat there like holy cow, this dude should have a
sombrero and a couple of Mexicans behind him, one playing the trumpet
and the other singing/making those funny high pitched Mexican laughs.
Hahaha goodness, sorry if that was racist.. Haha anyways, after that
we asked him where to go find people on our map, he looked outside and
saw all the snow coming down and told us not to go out there! Hahaha
but we found a place and went there, and talked to a lot of people.

Well I feel like I typed long enough and I know that everyone besides
my parents and my grandmas don't like to see long emails from me!!
Haha don't worry I know! I just want to close with my testimony,
because they are one of the most precious gifts that our Heavenly
Father gave us in this life. I know that He loves us, wants to lead,
help, guide, and be as close as He can with us. We will never know the
amount of love that He has for each of us personally, but we do know
one thing. That he gave his perfect Son, Jesus Christ, to show us the
perfect example, suffer for each and every one of us, die so that we
can return to our Father in Heaven, but eventually rose from the dead
for us. He is amazing, He is The Teacher, and He willingly gave His
life for us. Because of that, He is the way. Through Christ we may
find lasting and eternal happiness with our family and loved ones. I'm
honored and blessed to be in Germany to share His amazing gospel with
others, I regret taking this gospel granted for 17 years of my life.
So don't wear ma shoes one day!! Realize what is important in the long
run and what is just a Worley thing! Thank you all for who you are!!
Hope you try to have a better week then me this week!

Elder Rogers 🇩🇪

Von meinem iPad gesendet.

At the coolest members house

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