Monday, November 28, 2016

Blessings on blessings!!!

Well now that thanksgiving is past, by the way this thanksgiving was
probably the saddest thanksgiving of my life. Elder Moon and I had 2
minute noodles for dinner while we thought about our families throwin
down turkey and sleeping... it's ok thought because we got blessed for
it!! Hahaha! And actually we were invited by a member family that has
an exchange student from Utah, so she made us all a very good American
thanksgiving dinner! Definitely miss that food.

We had a super cool experience though!! We were at a member
appointment one night for dinner and a spiritual thought. We shared a
simple but powerful spiritual thought, we talked about how we can put
our faith in Christ and make Him our foundation, and we also talked
about why it is important to be set in Christ. The Spirit was so there
and we all felt it. After we closed the appointment we asked the
family if they needed help with anything and they said no then asked
us if we needed anything. We said to just simply pray that we will be
able to find a new investigator. Right then our phone rang and it was
another set of missionaries giving us a referral!! We were mind blown
and it felt to good to be true!! Come to find out, this referral has
lived in our area for a couple years and after he saw his friend
commit to baptism he said he wanted to learn about it. Sadly we
haven't been able to meet with this guy yet because he has been a
little to busy, but this week we will meet with him for sure!! All we
know about him is that his name is Wisdom, he is excited to learn
about the Book of Mormon, he speaks English, and this homie is
African!! Hahaha seriously the best race in the world! But that's also
half the reason why we haven't met with him, because Africans are so
dang hard to meet with.

Well sadly I don't have any pictures but I promise next week I will
have more, I've been kind of a bum lately and just haven't taken any!
But one last thing before I dip!! Yesterday at church we were blessed
to have a former investigator come!! Elder Moon and i have Never met
her and dont know anything about her, but the whole ward does! We
talked with the bishop and he said she is willing to meet with the
missionaries but said she hast to warn us because she has lost the
spirit and hasn't been taught for a year or so. We found out that she
had been taught all the lessons and was ready for baptism, but
something happened and she just never came we are still a little
unsure on what happened. But we are so excited to meet with her and we
hope and pray that we will be able to get her back on the road towards

Please pray that my amazing new missionary Elder Moon and I will be
able to teach her simply and clearly and that the Spirit will be able
to work through us. I strongly testify that the Lord blesses us with
more then we think. Actually I think He is the most generous person
anyone has ever known!! Just think about it, He was so generous that
He blessed the world with His only begotten Son Jesus Christ. Who gave
His life for every single one of us! And He still hears our prayers,
He still calms our hearts, and will always be a prayer away. How
amazing our Father in heaven is. I pray that we will be able to
recognize his blessings more, especially as the time comes when we
worship the precious birth of Christ. I love this church and I know
it's true! Hope everyone has a good week!!!

Elder Rogers­čçę­čç¬

Elder Moon

Cool Church

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