Monday, December 5, 2016

1 African? How about 2!?!?

Well this week was definitely crazy and a ton of stuff happened, but
at the same time it was so long!! It's honestly one of those weeks
we're I just can't explain everything over email as good as I could in
person! I guess I can start with the highlight of the week which is we
got to meet with two Africans this week that are so ready for the
gospel!!!!!! I have been waiting so long for an investigator and i
feel like the Lord is so generous that he just threw in a bonus for
Elder Moon and I!! Haha He definitely blesses us and knows us

The appointment went amazing and they agreed to sincerely read and
pray over the Book of Mormon and everything we said. They are so ready
and we cannot wait! Just to back up, we got one of them, his name is
Wisdom, as a referral from other missionaries that baptized his
friend, his name is Friday. When we went over to his house we talked
to him for a bit then one of his friends walked in! His name is
Richard. Hahaha! But although we had a great time with them and got to
learn from each other through the Spirit, it doesn't mean that we went
skipping back to our apartment with everyone looking at us like we
were some all powerful dudes that have no worries in life, instead we
were given more trials it felt like. This week has been packed of
falling on our knees in prayer and coming to the Lord.

I can testify that even when life seems to be perfect we never know
what the Lord just might have in store for us. Now that doesn't mean
when He sees us happy as heck he chucks a trial at us. Rather He sees
our potential and doesn't want us to stop and be content there when we
can become so much better! My whole life I've always wondered about
trials and why they are here and how annoying they can be, big or
small. And now it makes sense. Our Heavenly Father is so loving that
when He sees how happy we are (which I can testify He loves), He gives
us trials to keep us growing and keep us on the path of becoming like
Him. I don't know about you, but I imagine it being pretty hard to see
one of your own children be happy as can be and then when you see them
going through a trial all you can do is step back and watch them work
through it. Of course you can influence them, but that's their first
time experiencing something like that, just like it is always our
first time. I know He loves us and never abandons us!! He just wants
us to know how much He really loves us!!!

Well I gotta be honest I can't think of much this week!! I'm a bum and
didn't take any pictures this week! But I hope everyone has a great
week and as Christmas approaches to keep the real meaning of Christmas
in our hearts! The most amazing present I have and will have received
in this life is that of the Atonement. I will forever be grateful for
the life of our perfect Savior Jesus Christ! Love you all have a great

Elder Rogers­čçę­čç¬

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