Monday, December 19, 2016

Get 'em in the wattta!!!

This week was so great!! A lot of stuff happened so I'll try not to
make this to long! Just to start off we set two baptismal dates with
our investigators, Wisdom and Michael!!! We are so excited! Michael
will be baptized on the 7th of January and Wisdom will be baptized on
the 14th of January!! I feel like ever since we set them time has been
going a little faster! As far as reading the Book of Mormon and
praying they are doing way good! The only thing they are really
struggling with is getting to church. Africans are a little tough to
get to places, at least when you want them too. They just kinda do
what they do and get there on their on time if they didn't plan
anything over it!! Haha but these two guys (and all Africans) are way
awesome!! They both know how to make fufu so we are way pumped to have
some of that sometime!! Please pray for them to make it to church!

Anyways besides that, we were able to meet with a less active member
earlier in the week and he is way cool!! He is pretty much like a
German cowboy, which pretty much means that in the summer Him and some
buddies dress up as cowboys from Texas and react the wild Wild West!!
Haha it's kinda cool and he has a whole room in his apartment with
swords and guns mounted on the wall and empty beer bottles (that he
didn't drink) on a shelf. It's pretty much one sweet looking man cave!
Haha! After we had a lesson with him he took us to this really really
old town in our area. It was really sweet and I'll chuck some pictures
of it at ya!!

Later in the week we were able to go to lunch with one of my former
companions and his parents! Obviously he is home, but he came back
this week to visit all of his areas!! This guy is such a stud and I
look up to him a ton! It was so awesome to finally meet his parents
and get to see him again! Haha he also came to church the next day so
that's where the pictures are at! Haha but besides that this week was
great!! We are finally starting to see the success from the seeds that
have been planted from former missionaries and others!! I hope that
everyone had a great week and has another one this week!!

Elder Rogers 🇩🇪

Von meinem iPad gesendet.

 This is Karlheinz! I'll be at his house when we Skype!

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