Monday, November 14, 2016

Super crazy week!!

Well holy crap this week was just ridiculous!! I'm never going to keep
stuff from my parents because I think it's funny ever again!! Haha not
telling my parents that I got called to train and be district leader
was the worst idea ever!! Haha it totally came back to get me!! So
yeah anyways the big man president asked me to train 2 weeks ago... so
this last week I picked up my new homie in Frankfurt!! It was actually
way awesome because my trainer was there so we got to take a
generation photo!!

First of all I don't even remember Sunday Monday and Tuesday at all,
those days are just gone. But Wednesday was my first morning with my
new missionary Elder Moon!! Haha this guy is crazy! When we woke up in
the hotel his alarm went off 15 minutes before 6:30.... then I hear
"Guten morgen Elder!!" I was just thinking, ohhh boy this is going to
be a really long 2 transfers. Hahaha!! Elder Moon honestly reminds me
of the Golden on the best two years, just without the big glasses and
the southern accent. Haha he speaks German a lot to me which is
awesome!! The gift of tongues is seriously a real thing, ever since he
got here my German has just taken a whole nother step and it's crazy!
I give all the credit to the Lord.

Anyways Elder Moon and i got back to good ol Gelsenkirchen around 5 in
the afternoon and on the way home we noticed a bike that looked
exactly like ours, weird. Well we get back to the apartment and where
two bikes were chained up only one was and there was a broken chain
next to it. Hahaha man I was just so not feeling it so we took Elder
Moons luggage up, dropped it off, and went back outside to steal our
bike back!! Well instead of stealing it which would've been sick, but
instead i called someone in the office and he said to just let it go
so I don't get in trouble, lame. Later we had a little Christmas
planning meeting for the ward here and it was kind of a waste of time
for us. Every time we gave some input they would just say "hmm ok, any
other ideas?" Haha whatever we tried!

On Thursday we had to go to the city of Dortmund for a meeting called
district leader council, and trust me I definitely need some district
leader council that's for sure! It was way awesome to talk about the
zone we are in and our districts separately. Elder Moon and i also get
to go on a split with the Zone leaders this week so I'm way excited
for that! So after the meeting we had a member appointment with two of
the coolest members in Gelsenkirchen!! Its just a mom and her daughter
and they are both Hispanic. The daughter is grown up and married and
they are both so friendly. Man I love sharing a scripture and talking
with people about it after. The spirit that you feel is so strong that
everyone can feel it, I can't believe that all comes from just a
little book that some homie forever ago translated. Crazy!! Hahaha!
Anyways right after that we had another appointment with a new convert
and again had an awesome lesson. But she did make some food that was a
little strange, but it's all good!!

Friday we had district meeting and fetch those are hard to plan!! It
still went good even though we went a little over time and Elder Moon
got to eat his first Döner!! Well he eats slower then a grandma and
didn't finish it but that's ok! After that we headed home and went
finding which is always great... hahaha! Oh and just to end our lovely
Friday night, we were walking back to the apartment and low and
be-freaking-hold our second bike was gone... hahaha people are fetchin
messed up!!

So Saturday cam quick and we had service for a member in our ward. She
is way cool and very funny! She was telling us how to carry the
couches and where to put them and then finally she just admitted that
she was talking to much. Haha i then asked her if she new what the
word nag or nagging meant and i said, for example, when my mom tells
me to do things that usually have to do with some lame chore! Hahaha!!
To tell this story I'm gunna have to refer to three apartments so I'll
just call them apartment 1, 2, and 3. so!! We had to take a couch from
apartment 1 and put it into apartment 2, which was of course on the
8th floor with no elevator. After we got done with that we had to take
some cabinets and a couch from apartment 3 and put them in apartment 1
because someone is moving out of apartment 3 into apartment 2. yeah
pretty much it was insane and took up most of the day! After that we
had to get past just about every body in the city of Gelsenkirchen to
catch our Straßenbahn to get back home. Yeah it took forever but we
got back home just in time for our dinner appointment with the family
Strohmeier! They are so awesome and I love going over to their house
every Saturday night! After that we came home head butt our pillows.

Ok so pretty much yesterday was Sunday and so we had church, a lunch
appointment and a little finding. Nothing to crazy, we ran out of
bikes to be stolen so no excitement there!! Haha today is world wide
cleaning day or some lame thing like that. Anyways I'll chuck some
pics in for this email!! But before I wrap this big puppy up I just
want to leave my simple testimony that I know with absolute surety
that Heavenly Father and His perfect Son Jesus Christ live and love us
more hen we can even imagine!! I testify that Jesus Christ was on the
earth to die for each of use personally. I have felt the reassuring
power of the Atonement in my life and have seen it in others. This
church is the true church and you don't have to serve a mission to
realize that! All you have to do is simply open that amazing book,
read it, and pray sincerely to your loving Father in Heaven! Have a
great week!!!

Elder Rogers
Elder Stiles and I!!!

Our generation picture with Elder Moon

Elder Kramers trainee that dept falling asleep!


A church in Gelsenkirchen

The Koln dome outside of a train

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