Monday, November 21, 2016

Crazy fetchin good week!

Well this week was great!!!! We had an awesome mission conference with
a member of the 70, Elder Adler, and he gave some amazing talks and
insights about things!! We learned a ton about having faith in finding
and just in general. After the meeting Elder Moon and I had a split
with the Zone leaders and I got to bring Elder Rowe to the
Gelsenkirchen hood!!! We ended up getting back so late that all we had
time to do was plan for the next day and sleep. We were in Dortmund
forever!! But we eventually got back! The next day we went by on an
inactive family in the ward. We got to the address and I failed to put
the right address in cuz I'm a noob. But it's ok because we got to
talk to some cool people on the street and I got to learn tons from
Elder Rowe.

After that we had some Chinese food with a couple members and had a
spiritual thought right there at the restaurant! It was honestly way
spiritual and just amazing. If you get the chance to share a Scripture
and talk about it at your local Chinese restaurant, I would highly
recommend doing it. Hahaha! After that we did some more contacting
then split back with our comps at the end of the day.

Later in the week we met with a recent convert and the spirit was sooo
there. We came over, had some food, then shared a scripture about the
Spirit of Christ and a quote about the Holy Ghost. We then talked
about how important both of them are and also how different they are.
It was way awesome and we could all feel the spirit sitting in on our
lessons. Then, Elder Moon my crazy son followed the impression to ask
our recent convert if she would pick a place on a map where we can go
find, of course we started with a prayer and definitely received
revelation on where to go. She pointed out a little area then said
don't cross the street and go to the hospital because it's bad at
night time and especially in the winter. Then another member texted us
right then and told us the same thing. It was crazy!! We all just sat
there with our jaws on the floor. Then our ward mission leader that
was there said, "the Lords Holy Spirit is with us." Hahahaha i wanted
to laugh just cuz of how we all looked!!! But luckily I held it in and
didn't laugh the spirit away.

We have yet to visit the place that our recent convert picked out, but
sadly we have had absolutely no time to do it. But we are planning on
it this Tuesday so pray that we will find as many investigators that
the Lord will give us!!

Well before I leave I'd like to just leave my short, simple, but firm
testimony that I know we are the Lords children. At times life can get
hard and it seems like there is no time to catch up, but I can testify
that I know that the Atonement will pick us up and carry us, just like
the Savior Jesus Christ picks up the lost sheep. We are all that one
sheep that has lost his or hers way. If we can just simply come to him
he will always, every time, without fail, pick us up and carry us. The
Atonement is real and i can testify it is so real! It's power is from
the most high and the best thing is that it will always be there I
love you all and hope you have a good week!!

Elder Rogers
Elder Moons terrible piano posture

eating Chinese with a member and Elder Rowe

Elder Rowe and I on a split. (I might look way short in this pic,
but it's because he is way tall)

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