Thursday, May 4, 2017

Wunderschöne Woche!!

This week was great. I really learned to appreciate my comp so much
more. I already had a lot of respect for him, but this week I really
saw his awesome example as we talked to people about Christ. He really
has been a great example for me and I have learned so much from him in
such a little time.

Anyways, as far as the week!! We had a super great appointment with
one of our investigators! We met with him in a bakery and he brought
two of his friends with! They are all from Kurdistan and they were
really cool guys. Our investigator and one of the other guys could
speak pretty good English, but the other guy couldn't. We just talked
with all three of them till the two friends from our investigator had
to leave for work. So we didn't get to teach all three of them, but we
had an amazing lesson with our investigator!

We talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Spirit was so
strong. The lesson went so smooth and we were very happy to be a part
of that. At the end we challenged our investigator to say a prayer
before he read in the Book of Mormon next time and to ask God if he
should be baptized into the church. He said that he would do it.

He then said the closing prayer for our lesson and the Spirit was
really strong. After the prayer we asked him if he could feel that
good feeling from the Spirit, he said he wasn't sure what it was but
he said that it felt good. It was really awesome! He is one of the
nicest guys you will ever meet!!

That same day, we went to our bishops house to have dinner with him
and his awesome wife. They are the most humble, but coolest people
ever. Their house is just that kind that when you walk in you feel
right at home, they are just so nice! We had awesome food and talked
about a lot of stuff. We also made some soap because they have a crazy
hobby of making their own soap, shampoo, and other stuff like that.
Hahaha I never would've guessed that they loved doing it so much, but
it's actually pretty cool!! It's also easy and free, so those are two
bonuses! After that we had an amazing spiritual thought with them, the
Spirit was just so strong that whole day.

Just to end I wanna let you all know about how awesome bishops are!
Every bishop I have met in my life so far has always been hard
working, humble, friendly, and just simply shows so much respect to
people. I'm very grateful for bishops everywhere! They are normal
people just like us, and they have normal jobs just like us. But yet
they show so much happiness and love for every single member!!
Personally, when I think of bishops, I'm reminded of all the bishops
that I grew up with. I'm eternally grateful for all of these amazing
men, but especially the bishop that was there to help me through the
hardest trials of my life so far. I'm very grateful for him and the
time that he had taken out of his busy life to listen to my faults,
assure me there is hope, and most importantly to show me how to reach
for the outstretched hand of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

If you yourself are going through a hard time, feel lost or without
hope, or just need to get something off of your chest, I highly
encourage you to talk to the bishop and meet with him! Preferably
personally, one on one. I can promise from my own experience, you will
feel the Saviors love for you through his humble servant, the bishop.

I hope everyone has a good week!! And if you didn't, then look at the
glass half full. Haha Ciao!!

Elder Rogers

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