Thursday, May 11, 2017


Well I won't lie, I gotta keep this one short because I'm gettin low
on time! Plus I got a lot of pics to make up, besides who reads the
weekly other than my parents anyways! ;) haha!

As far as the week went, it was way awesome! We met again with our
Kurdistan buddy and he is doing great! Since he lives so close to us
we see him almost every day, it's sick. Every time we see him we check
up on his Book of Mormon reading. Sadly he has been really busy with
family and school so it's pretty understandable.

We also had Zone conference this week and it was amazing like always.
We focused mainly on bearing our testimonies, it was sweet. They
printed off all of our call letters and gave them to us again, we read
them and wrote down thoughts we had from it. What stuck the most out
to me the most was the second to last paragraph where it talks about
how we will not experience more happiness.

This doesn't just apply to missionaries, yes serving a mission does
bring forth blessings to you and also your family and future children,
but it also applies to all of us our whole lives! We will all have our
ups and downs, we will all have our trials of faith, but we will all,
through the power of Christs Atonement, be able to find that happiness
that we have never experienced.

I hope everyone has a great week!

Elder Rogers
Pierre selfie

Pierre's last week

Zone conference with the old men!  (They leave in a couple weeks)
Just so everyone knows!  
The beer in the pictures is completely alcohol free!
German BBQ


Successfully drank it all!

Post beer /grill

Super sick mustang just soakin up the sun

We came ready for some good grillin'

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