Thursday, April 20, 2017

Meine Güte... 50% Fertig

Hey what's up!

This week was great!!! We had a lot of appointments set up, but sadly
a lot of the people didn't actually show up to our appointment either.
I do have a good story though!! Last week we left the apartment and
before we even walked down our street a guy stopped us and said he
knew who we were and he was in a hurry. He told us just to give him
our number so we whipped a card out, gave it to him, and he took off.
Not even 10 minutes later he called us and asked if he could come to
our church and we said for sure you can! We told him where the church
was and we also set an appointment up with him.

For some reason he wasn't able to make it to church on Sunday and he
didn't show up to our appointment on this last Tuesday either. We were
really bummed and way confused, because no one asks us for our number
and never shows up. We have been praying to be able to come in contact
with him again, and are still going forward! So no worries!

We also talked to a lot of people on the street as well!! I'd say the
highlight of the week was our appointment with a recently baptized
member from Africa. He teaches the Sunday school class at church so we
meet with him once a week to help him prepare for that. When we met
with him this week he made us some African soup. It was really good,
but it was just insanely hot!! He had some African pepper mixed in
with the soup and it made it real hot!! We couldn't even finish the
soup! It was great though! We had an awesome lesson preparation with

Besides that we also celebrated Easter!! On Monday we had a big grill
party at a members house and seriously threw down the food there! We
talked and laughed a ton, but more important then food and friends,
was celebrating the new life we receive through the Atonement of Jesus
Christ. It really doesn't matter what we have done in our lives, or
how terrible of a person we may think we are. The redeeming power of
the Atonement can completely and eternally cleanse us, we just need to
let our Savior and Redeemer into our lives! He lives. He loves us. And
He wants to help us. I'm personally very grateful for the opportunity
I have to share this message with as many people as I can.

I hope everyone has a great week!! Feel free to email me with any
questions, whether it's about church, mission, or just whatever it don't matter!!

Elder Rogers

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