Thursday, April 13, 2017

Easter!! 🥚🍳

This week was such a weird week!! Kinda one of those weeks you just
wanna forget about, but at the same time it's way crazy!! Im only
going to hit the highlights of the week, that way I don't have to
write that much. Sorry I'm lazy, just happens when your a 19 year old
boy and would rather do fun things on pdays instead of type an email.
Not saying you guys aren't worth the writing!!! But you know what I

Anyways!! Last Saturday was really cool. My companion and I received a
couple referrals from one of my friends back home (and in the Alpine
mission) and they wanted us to just go by and say hi for them! We went
by on the first family and the dad answered. I simply told him my name
and that I knew a family from the US and they wanted us to stop by and
say hi for them. He seemed a little uneasy so I made sure he knew we
didn't want to talk about Christ we just wanted to say what up. He
said he had no time in the most German way possible and shut the door.
Haha whatever we tired.

The second family, we went over and the same thing happened. I made
sure they knew my name and that we didn't want to talk about Christ
with them we just wanted to say hi for the family that I was friends
with. After I told them that they said to come in! My comp and i were
so pumped to be able to visit with them! They were really cool! The
family was the mom, dad, and there son and daughter. Sadly we didn't
get to meet the kids cuz they were at school at the time, but we got
to talk with the parents for at least an hour. It was so awesome! We
just talked to them about our homes and just some small talk stuff. We
never just started teaching them a lesson about our church though, we
were able to teach them the most important points of our church simply
through their questions. It was the most amazing thing ever. I am so
grateful for the chance I had to be a part of that. I'm very grateful
for the family at home that trusted my comp and I enough to go by on
their friends. I pray and hope that the family we visited will be able
to find eternal happiness.

Fast forward in the week. On Monday we were able to meet with a member
in our ward to go give a widow member in the ward a blessing. I feel
so bad for this lady, she is not yet in her 70's, but she has had
health problems her whole life. We talked with her a little bit, and
the gave her the blessing. The Spirit was so strong and i am so glad
to have been able to stand in on that blessing. I swear that in every
blessing there are more hands on top of ours. I know that the true
church is restored onto the earth today and because it is we are able
to use the Lords authority to bless the life of others as well as our

Ok well there was more in the week but my new baseball glove is
calling my name. I hope you guys all have one freakin sweet week! If
you haven't seen it yet go watch the video the church put out for
Easter! It's way awesome! Also, if someone could tell me who one March
Madness you'd be my favorite. Bis später y'all!

Elder Rogers

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