Thursday, February 9, 2017

The church is true, the Book is blue, and Jesus loves you

Ok well this week and a half was really long and a ton happened, but
I'm going to keep it short today!!

First things first, our investigator, Amir, will not be getting
baptized this Saturday. Sadly he hasn't got an answer quite yet and
isn't ready, but I know he will be baptized soon. The only thing he
hasn't been doing is praying for that answer... which is kind of a
important.. so pray that he prays! He just lacks the confidence to say
one, but I know he will get there.

Besides that we had a great week! We had a split with the Zone leaders
which was awesome as always! We talked to a ton of people on the
street about that awesome blue book and sadly not a lot of people
wanted one, but there are definitely people that do! This morning on
the Bahn some random lady just walked up and asked for one, we gave
her one and she just got off right there... it was way crazy!

The work has been going really good here though and I'm still loving the
area so that's good! I'm low on time so I just wanna tell you all how
much I love the Book of Mormon! It's crazy that a simple book can just
change a persons life! I can't believe there was a day that I hated
that book. Well looking back that is a lot like how Germans/other
people are! I hated something I never even gave a chance. That's like
hating a food for no reason and then when you try it it's actually
your favorite food. (I was just thinking about food and that was the
Analogie that popped into my head, so don't hate). But for real
though! It's so true and I will always read it, for the rest of my
life. No other book is worth reading to me nor do I want to waste time
reading a different book when I could be readin that one! So give it a
try if you haven't, and read it! If you are reading it, stick to it!

I will catch you all next Thursday!

Elder Rogers

Von meinem iPad gesendet.

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