Monday, July 11, 2016

Freaking Ali, and fly hunting

Maine gute!!!! This week has been just crazy! Missions are definitely
roller coasters, but I always hope that my high points on the roller
coasters go longer then the low points!!

Anyways this week was a little upsetting as far as our investigator
Ali goes. We were trying to get a hold of him the whole week and then
one day he called and said "hey meet me at the park right now", so we
dropped what we were doing and just met up with him. We talked for
about 2 to 3 hours with him about stuff he looked up about us on the
Internet. We told him to not look up anything about us on the Internet
unless it's He just really thinks about things too much and
cuts us off mid sentence a lot. But after that meeting we thought he
was going to drop us and he said that he really likes us and wants to
keep going to church. We said there is no point in meeting if you have
no interest. Then he told us that he will read the Book of Mormon
more. Later that night he texted us and said thanks for meeting with
him, and that he wanted us over for dinner this week! So hopefully we
can get him interested! But it's sounding like he is really not to

Anyways besides that we had the awesome chance to go to the MOTAB
concert for free on Saturday night! Honestly not to sound like a total
fun hater, but I wasn't really into all the songs they played. We were
warned that a couple songs are different, and they sure were!! Haha
but it was so nice to just really listen and think about why I am in
Germany at 19 years old talking about something to people that I would
never talk to at home. This church is SO true and the blessings truly
fall like rain. We just need to see them!!! The only sucky thing about
the concert was that we got home at 2:30 in the morning and had church
the next day so we were trying soooo hard to not fall asleep! Haha but
we did it.

So something funny this week actually happened today. Elder Stiles and
I were studying this morning and I heard a fly come in through the
window so I slammed it shut so he couldn't get out. (The Windows are
about 5 feet away) then I opened my drawer, whipped out my brand new
nerf gun (from my mom for my birthday, I don't just go buy kids toys
while I'm a missionary) loaded it and shot right at the fly! All that
happened next was his body landed next to Elder Stiles and his head
landed by me! It was the coolest thing ever! But yeah, just so you
know the immature me always seems to find his way out even while I'm
out here. Haha!!

So just to wrap up with something spiritual. Haha! I just want
everyone to know, if they don't already, is that the Lord knows
exactly what he is doing. And as far as our trials and hard times go
in life we just need to remember that it was from our Heavenly Father
and that He is doing this because He loves us. I have found out this
week also that it is my biggest regret in life that I have never read
the Book of Mormon all the way through. I look back at all the time
that I had back then and wish that I would have just opened this
amazing glorious book up. It truly is the only book that can answer
questions to prayers, and it does! Although I regret it more than
anything it makes me want to read it even more. It's my favorite book,
and honestly I hate reading so it's probably the only book I will
read. Haha! But I know that if I had read it when my mom told me too I
would have been way beyond where I am now, moms are really always
right. So don't look back like I have!! Read it everyday, and don't
say you don't have time because we always have time for the good word of the
Lord! Haha! Love you guys all tons and I'm so grateful for everyone of
you! Keep your heads up and always turn to the Lord!

Elder Rogers

Von meinem iPad gesendet.


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